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Creating a better navigation and filter for a festival or conference scheduler

I think the description does not match the image. As said in the question: There are six filters Each filter has n options My logic is to select the filter and then browse the options for each one ...
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Four different types of actions need to be applied to elements in a list on a mobile phone. How do I organize these actions?

Instead of having to click to expand a list item to view actions, using an ellipsis which on clicks shows a menu of actions is the more idiomatic approach. Reference:
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Can a bottom drawer common in mobile apps be used on mobile webpages?

Mobile web patterns should always take responsive behaviours and environments into consideration. How do you see the bottom draw scaling up to a user with a mouse on desktop? Essentially the bottom ...
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Stateful Call to Actions

I'd think you'd simply replace the "Request Invoice" button with: Your invoice was requested on March 26, 2024. Need support? Contact via WhatsApp But long-term, you should probably allow ...
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Two Similar Call to Action Buttons

As per my understanding button Request Invoice would direct the user to fill a form on your platform while Contact button would take you to the WhatsApp. I would change the current Contact button to ...
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