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Ultimately, this isn't something we can answer for you. The best approach is to ask the question of your users and get feedback about how important they feel it is. Then decide if it's worth the time and effort. However, I would say there is one key factor that can definitely support having a "themes" feature and that is branding. The apps you ...


"expressed and read left-to-right even in right-to-left languages, similar to a phone number" More accurately, it's (mostly) pronounced LTR even in RTL languages, but it's read RTL even in LTR languages. :) That is, you can't begin reading from the left; you wouldn't know what place value the number has since places are counted based on their ...


In general, I would force LTR mode only if the only data in the field will be LTR. If there will be “mixed mode” (both LTR and RTL) data in the field, leave the input as RTL and let the standard input handler decide when to format as LTR.


There are several ways to translate "Back" in this context. A lot depends on your target audience since this can change depending on the country. I like "Volver," "Retroceder," and "Atras." Any of these options would work. One way to localize your translation (you probably already know this) is to search for sites in ...

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