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How best to present an option to type in text OR choose from a preexisting long list

I like the text search with autocompleted suggestions too. As for discovering / populating the initial options, three thoughts: Randomness is rarely perceived as randomness. Users assume there's an ...
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How to validate removing of 'back' button from a form while usability testing?

“Unfortunately some users don’t trust the browser back button because of their experiences of poorly designed forms that lose data when they click back. The solution is to provide a form-specific back ...
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Does a plus sign indicate to login to access associated price

Thank you for the question. What I understand is that you want user to be shown a different price when they login and you are trying to use + icon for user to login. If that is the use case then the ...
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Minimal height for a responsive design without scrolling

After struggling with multiple calculations, I was grateful to finally find a solution, which was also thanks to Chat GPT. Here's my approach: rather than trying to determine the minimum height, I ...

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