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We can't avoid using links in mobile apps. If links should be underlined in mobile apps? Think about it - why we usually underline the links in website? One of the reason is to be accessible to people who can’t identify colors. Mostly we will give the text another color when it’s a link. But sometimes an achromatopsia sufferer can not tell the difference ...


Although your post does make some mention of "button vs link", I don't think that is actually part of the question, so I will not talk about that area. I will assume you are happy to use links and you just want to know if they should be underlined. However, I will say that having many buttons is not a reason to not use them. If it's looking ...


I don't have much experience with children's apps, but what I have seen generally involves two levels of control: one for the child and another for the parent. So I imagine that in the event (even if it is a hypothetical one) that the child forgets the password and is unable to do the more complex tasks required to restore the password, the adult can take ...


I would make it a 2-step form: first username + password, then full name & e-mail ('To get to know you!'). This resource might also be of help:

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