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Using same inquiry design for two different landing pages

What will you do if the client decides to create another service in the future? I think you should strongly advise the client on a design that is going to work well short term and long term, so using ...
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Does it make sense to have an Access Security page before landing on an Online Statement of Health form?

Why do they need an access key? Where do they get this access key? I don't think anyone can answer whether this makes sense, the only info you've supplied on the access key is that dev asked for it. I ...
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Do screen readers have built in "back to top" functionality?

To return to the top of page is a Windows keybine: Ctrl HOME With NVDA, for some reason, and you are located somewhere in the middle of a Web page, refreshing the page (with SHIFT F5) should reload ...
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How to design a cascading selection process in filters

To add to @Lonut's answer (and use their example), be sure to account for deselection too. What happens if the user selects Audi instead of BMW? This should reset the Model dropdown.
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How to design a cascading selection process in filters

Implement Category A as a dropdown list. As soon as a selection is made in Category A, trigger the loading of Category B options. Load Category B options based on the selection from Category A. ...
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How to make it clear when data is live and when it's a replay and when it's a preview?

(1) For any tool that deals with time elapsing, some form of timeline to indicate progress is useful. In your case, a horizontal timeline with a clear split between past (job history) and present (mid-...
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