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One disadvantage of a centered layout is that the available horizontal space may depend on the presence of a scrollbar. If that is the case and the user navigates from one page without a scrollbar to another page with a scrollbar (and vice versa) the content area will jump to the left (or right). With a left-aligned layout the content area will never move.


I thought you may like to draw some inspiration from this web app: They did a nice interface for time picker with blacklisted time, I share a screenshot on how it looks like for users selecting a time. The app is done in a way that users can set up the interval length and day of the week to start.


I recently watched a tutorial on discounted cash flow modeling and heard the author say that "people at Wall Street color hardcoded values in blue." With this at hand, I was able to find some guidelines like here. From the article above: Recommended formatting: text color The first and easiest method of formatting a financial model is to use a ...


I think standards are what a majority of users are used to and agree based on familiarity. As such, we could consider common table design patterns as standards, as well as those for visualizations and graphs. Maybe you can discover these by testing non-excel tools such as Airtable with people who have never used them before. Whatever they understand right ...


There is some sort of standardization suggested by Excel itself, which you can see when you open the Cell Styles menu from the Home ribbon (see the screenshot below, on macOS): However, I don't think many people are using this. For things like hyperlinks, you can fall back on general Internet standards: blue and underlined.


based on the assumption that frequent addition and editing of user data is required on this application, I would personally go for sample 1. Instead of using edit links you can consider putting visual placeholders (the kind like empty rounded rectangles) within the rows where users can edit information to update their addresses, and automatic addition of ...

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