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How can I emphasise the fact that these tiles are sequential?

A grid is inherently 2-dimensional. Communicating a preferred direction in a grid is difficult, communicating an explicit and repeating timeline even more so. I'd avoid grids for this purpose ...
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Button with dropdown list as one option

Since you have just 2 options, split the button in two halves with each containing a flag of the relevant type. This way you take up the same amount of space as a single button while still providing ...
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Appropriate button label to preview a file before sharing it publicly

If the preview is mandatory anyway - why do you note that in the button text and not just call the button "Mark"? As I understood from above, the users are not afraid to click the button, ...
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How would you place multiple buttons in a multi-step form? The User should be able to save ( for drafts) and proceed. Being able to go back and cancel

I think you need to go back to the higher level of solving and try to improve your set of actions in the form. Because now you have the form overwhelmed by buttons at the bottom. And another tip - if ...
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Solution for Alert button in app

Add a header that's separate from the two tabs, and always visible at the top even if you scroll down. Put the button in there. This way you don't need a button that floats at the bottom. I personally ...
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