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Why does Google use `user-select: none;` on the text in their google meets web app?

Being able to select arbitrary text is a feature pretty much exclusive to websites and website-derived apps (ie electron apps). "Normal" programs and "native" phone apps or games ...
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Reminder for user to save

Having the save button wiggle, flash, rotate, pump, whatever isn't ideal, especially when it's on a timer and might distract the user from the thing they're filling out. A better solution would be the ...
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How to name an option in settings that allows free input in a list (select)

Permettre/Autoriser l'ajout de texte Permettre/Autoriser des choix personnalisés Permettre/Autoriser des options supplémentaires/personnalisées Le terme "temporaire" peut aussi être utilisé,...
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Visually distinguish cards in a list

It's important to understand the role of a framework like Google's Material: The goal is to get the designer off the ground as quickly as possible without them having to spend time on basic things ...

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