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Should the search bar go above or below the tabs here?

Natural progression here would be: Search Bar (Top) | Tabs (Middle) | Icons/Search Results (Bottom) Flow of function would go something like this: User types in Search Box, results show up ...
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What are the "Big Three" Gestures in Mobile Development?

Click, Drag, Tap these three Gestures are now used every where and the simplest example is Online Document conversion tools which you use only by using Gestures.
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How to show nested hierarchy in UI

The solution is using tabs for each item:
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What's the best way to organize the content on this page? How do I place the different kinds of inputs and read-only values since there's so many

I would suggest doing a Task Flow analysis for what your users are doing as they fill out the form. Are they sitting down with a sheet of paper that has all their input values? Are they in front of ...
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