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Like most solutions, it depends on context. Am I on desktop or mobile? Is it opening a window/modal/page? Can i perform an action on the list item? Am i jumping into a new flow? Before deciding on a pattern, i would take some time and think through the task flow and get in the mindset of the user and what they want to accomplish when they land on that page. ...


I would add somewhere an async counter that shows the amount of downloaded data and total amount of them that's left e.g. Gathered data from 23 providers of 150 total or Querying for data: 23 / 150 (search results may live update once data is downloaded) The text content might be different, but wanted to illustrate the main idea.


you can group list elements by price range. showing 5$ to 10$ in a container as an example with some delightful animation while showing a new element appearing by pushing the old one a side.


Spell it with exactly these characters:. ᗅ𝗋chⅰ𝗏℮ѕ Copy and paste. This should put it at the bottom of most alphabetical sort lists. Add one of these to bullet it: ᛡ ᛜ It should sink like a rock!

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