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I don't know how often do the users open the products, but if it's really important and happens often, I'd suggest to save them some clicks. The space on the right can be used for the selected element preview. The advantage is that both the list of the elements and the preview are visible at the same time. If no element is selected this space may be used for ...


It allows the user to read list elements individually in a more focused way. You might not be interested in all the list elements but rather quickly scan and stop at the one that matters for you. Making spacing bigger between them allows this.


In Windows Explorer I have found experimentally that most keyboard non-alphabetical characters may be used as a starting symbol, followed by spaces, the number of which determines its position. So: - folder/filename (3 spaces) will come before - folder/filename (2 spaces), which precedes - folder/filename (1 space). Position is easily adjusted by changing ...


Display on hover, in my opinion, works with scenarios where there's just one or a few previews on the page, not on a page where there are tons of preview links. There are a lot of subcategories and the user's mouse will hover over them on a frequent basis, there will be a lot of pop ups on the screen as the user move their mouse and that can get annoying. ...

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