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I didn't know about this, but after a "quick" search I found it to be a very common feature for increasing Internet security as explained in The quick exit button give users the ability to leave the site quickly, if needed, and act as a prompt that the website contains sensitive information. Quick button definition and use at ...


License expiration is a case where you need to strongly warn the user that they need to take action by a certain date. Having said that, being booted out of a system for non-payment is highly upsetting, especially when the user is in the middle of an important task. Figma gracefully shows a message in bright yellow and tells the user to contact the billing ...


This element is a vertical stepper Here's a Material UI reference as well.


At least, Material Design does not recommend it. Avoid using a navigation drawer with other primary navigation components, such as a bottom navigation bar.


In my experience it makes no sense to do any library / system design building untill design is not finished. Its much easier to design something new, and to bring it to functional & nice state while having freedom to draw what you want. Another reason for this is that changes may be required and if you invest in building library you will need to update ...

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