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If the value is extremely repetitive I would omit it completely from the list item itself. Place and show it in a parent container and group the items based on their "date" value. Edit: Example where the grouping is done on page to page basis and the whole data set has the same value for the period.


Commonly called Guided tour tooltip. Also called Product tour tooltip, Onboarding tooltip and so on. It's essentially a tooltip!


I don't know how often do the users open the products, but if it's really important and happens often, I'd suggest to save them some clicks. The space on the right can be used for the selected element preview. The advantage is that both the list of the elements and the preview are visible at the same time. If no element is selected this space may be used for ...


I would suggest : Image Comparison Slider This an example I have seen months ago on Esri's website: And another website that references the term:

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