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The plane symbol is indeed a bit confusing. Keep in mind that symbols/icons are often interpreted differently by users, it is therefore good practice to combine it with a label. With regards to your questions. What about a green dot? You can even make it pulsating if that is not too distracting. Combine this with the text 'in progress' or 'active'.


I also agree with the above provided answer, but you can also consider using an ellipsis (...) for the top line and the arrow on the bottom. Food A --> Food B --> Food C ... --> Food D You can also just think about having the arrow at the top, and tab the second line inward, like so: Food A --> Food B --> Food C --> Food D --> ...


No typographical knowledge but... Any possibility of repeating the arrow? Food A --> Food B --> Food C --> --> Food D That way at a glance you know Food C is not the end of the chain and Food D is not the start of a new chain

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