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Mobile Apps, Exit buttons and permissions

This question is ill-formed and ill-informed. "why do I need to leave it running in the background when it's not in use?" Because it comes with concrete benefits. A program that is closed ...
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What are the possible/best ways to allow a production mobile app to switch API endpoint to a development server?

Non-Intrusive Approach All the approaches mentioned here are intrusive and need you to put these inside your app code. You should use a non-intrusive approach where you can switch the API's hostname ...
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On IOS have the back button but also we have one more small back button to switch from app to app, on Android how do they work?

You can read about Android's Principles of Navigation to understand how this works on Android OS compared to iOS. I suspect that the answer to this question will change over time, but hopefully their ...
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What to choose? Popup window or new screen in Android?

There are a few ways to choose, thankfully you don't have any wrong answers just a couple right answers. The optimal answer would actually required some data and testing for you specific app and use ...
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