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Multiple Navigation Options

Ideally in your situation - Simply use the way a user would skim/read through F pattern or Z pattern Read more on F pattern, Z pattern a. Keep your top bar as the main menu [any hierarchy here is ...
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Microinteraction language — drilldown, link, action

If you want provide all these actions to user as interchangeable actions you may provide control outside your table like radio buttons set to let user to select preferable behavior by himself/ Like ...
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When to use segmented tab and tabs?

Tabs are a common UI pattern for web navigation; their use has been documented by the W3C: Tabs Pattern (W3C). They are as old as the internet. Segmented Control was introduced by Apple at some point ...
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When to use segmented tab and tabs?

Segmented tabs are used for content that is related. It can be as a filter, view change or an action. Some examples: Filter by active, hot, week... Text alignment: align left, center, right View ...
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When to use segmented tab and tabs?

I always advocate for the use of segmented control when you are dealing with one pool of data and you want to show a Superset/Subset A/Subset B slices, filtered on either same or different attributes ...
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When to use segmented tab and tabs?

Segmented tabs - are often used for filtering or sorting content within the same view. They are useful when you want to switch between different categories or timeframes without changing the entire ...
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Maximum number of elements per item in acordion collapsed list

If you have a list of 3000 businesses that isn't expected to grow or change substantially, then the approach should be to create the categories so that there isn't too much of a difference in the ...
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How can I show that these menus are related to another?

You could try it with a different information hierarchy. First the user needs to select the respective tab (Jobs or Company) and based on the selection the workspace is available. Since we don't have ...
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