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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic

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Should help articles be part of the program itself or be available online?

We are creating a web tool and one of the functionalities are not very clear for a small percentage of the users. So far, we have implemented very simple one-sentence long on-hover tooltips. Yet, a ...
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Abbreviating FAQ or not

Is there any data on how widely the FAQ abbreviation is understood by users, especially those who are older, compared to the full form Frequently Asked Questions? I'm designing a web app that will ...
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Anchor link to FAQs on product page

I'm currently improving the accessibility of the FAQ on our product page after some feedback from the business that the FAQ might be too low on the page for users to engage with. This is a rough ...
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When are FAQs important for a website?

We have an online product similar to Muzli colors and is targeted for limited/internal audience. So wanted to ask if we should provide FAQs with such limited functionality. Below are two main actions ...
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Sidebar modal - pros & cons?

Do slide-out modals work well in your experience? Our requirements are to present deeper, specific content to users without taking them out of a flow, so linking to another page is not being ...
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What is a best way from the user experience point of view to list questions and answers (FAQ)?

At the "Questions and Answers" or "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) section it is often fashionable to have collapsing/expanding sections for each question and answer. Is it still the best way to ...
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Where should "back to top" on long FAQ page link to?

My FAQ page consists of a table of contents (with links jumping to each FAQ entry) and all FAQ entries. The entries are grouped in sections. FAQ ToC (#toc) Section 1 (#toc-section-1) ...
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How to best present minimum requirements for device use for web application?

Currently, I do have to work with a legacy web application that can be hard to use via certain mobile devices of older generations due to performance issues. There is already a "Minimum Requirements" ...
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Links to other sites, conversion and trust

We want to put an FAQ onto a new website designed to sell a financial product. The financial product website is not well known. The choices look like this: Write our own FAQ Pro: User stays on the ...
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Architecture of FAQ on a web portal

I'd like to know what you think about these two solutions. We're working on a big portal, where FAQ is gonna be really important section. We're arguing about two versions - the difference is in "FAQ ...
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How would you highlight a new question on a FAQ list?

A customer recently inquired to have new items highlighted on a faq list (as shown below) within a pdf. Typically faq questions are listed using a bold font weight. However the customer has stressed ...
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How to show the result of a simple yes/no feedback vote?

I have a FAQ/Knowledgebase for a product where I wish to collect simple visitor feedback about each entry if they found it useful or not. It would primarily for me, so I can improve the answers and or ...
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2 votes
3 answers

The pitfalls of rewording common phrases such as 'FAQs'

Personally, I'm not too keen on the phrase 'Frequently Asked Questions' - I think more often than not it provides a negative connotation where one isn't warranted. Now obviously this is a very common ...
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How to display a long list of FAQ on a mobile app?

I am designing the FAQ page for a complex mobile application. Faqs can be more than 20 and text might be very long. I have tried to list them with an accordion solution first but it seems to be heavy ...
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Get people to read FAQ before contacting support

We need people to check the FAQ before contacting support. The current solution we are using is to name the entire section of the web page FAQ, even though it also contains a form to contact support ...
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Accordions or anchor links for grouped content?

I am torn between 2 UI patterns for how to present text content that is broken up into large chunks. This is a pattern I'd like to use across the site, so it could be for things like FAQs as well as ...
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