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Methods and processes concerned with assessing that a defined level of quality is being maintained in a product or service.

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Explain difference, and timeline of Pilot test vs Beta test?

Hopefully this question works here... During a meeting, we realized our team didn't have consensus on what a pilot test was vs what a beta test was - or when it occurs, and who it's with. Some online ...
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Design QA: Tools to support? [closed]

I'm looking for a tool where I would be able to almost 'inspect' the elements of an app build to make sure they match the design I created. So currently my Devs will create a build using Test Flight ...
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How to help Quality Assurance team to validate designs against development environment in an Agile project?

I wanted to know how you deal with similar situations. We are working using agile methodology so we design piece by piece of the designs. But it happened a lot that when later QA wants to check if ...
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How is User Experience Different from Service Quality?

there. I'd be interesting to know your opinion between this two concepts. User Experience, as defined by Don Norman: "User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with ...
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How does providing users with the option to flag wrong content influence the perception of product quality?

We're providing various learning content on our webpage. Sometimes users send us emails complaining about specific content that we need to fix. Without further description it is often quite difficult ...
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How to best present minimum requirements for device use for web application?

Currently, I do have to work with a legacy web application that can be hard to use via certain mobile devices of older generations due to performance issues. There is already a "Minimum Requirements" ...
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Design QA checklist

I'm coming up with a checklist for QA to check on designs after a feature has been built on a product before it can be released. Design QA checklist [ ] matches with design specs (colors, spacing, ...
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Pixel Perfection in Development

I am new to this community and I apologize if I am asking an obvious question or one that has already been posed to the community. I am a UI/UX Designer working for a software and services company in ...
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Are there standard metrics to gauge content quality?

One aspect of user experience in a software application or website is the quality of the content presented to the user. It probably comes as no surprise that if the quality of the content is low/poor, ...
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How to avoid bad ux [closed]

There are plenty of examples of bad ux. Sometimes it accounts for a significant proportion of the entire interaction and sometimes it's a small but glaringly obvious detail that should be obvious to ...
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How would you create and validate personas for something that is not a person

There are a few questions here about personas, and research methods that you might use in order to create them, (some of which I've answered at length). Examples include: What research methods can I ...
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How do we validate our persona?

When we pursue our goal of ease of use for our users we sometimes use personas to test or guide our designs. And that’s all good – because it gives us a feeling of how a user would interpret the ...
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