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A poll is a quick survey or vote, often with predetermined choices to pick from.

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Differentiating single/multiple selection in polls in a mobile app

as the title stated, I would like to seek some ideas on the need of actually differentiating the choices. see below: A: traditional checkboxes for multi-selects, radio button for single select B: ...
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Best colors for polls [closed]

I've developed a polls android application. Employees fill polls house by house at the door, and they complain about app is difficult to see. Which color would be better(for background, text, buttons.....
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How to position Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down with progression on one line

Problem I have this argument with one of my clients, about the position of like dislike button with the progress in between. Like the screenshot below. I've always thought that it makes the most ...
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Getting Input From People About Neighborhood They Are Living In - How?

I'm building an online community about neighborhoods. There will be useful informations about neighborhood such as pharmacies, average rent price, educational status of people etc. That leads to ...
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How to show the result of a simple yes/no feedback vote?

I have a FAQ/Knowledgebase for a product where I wish to collect simple visitor feedback about each entry if they found it useful or not. It would primarily for me, so I can improve the answers and or ...
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Do users prefer polls that come up with the option to answer straight away? or a notification that a new poll exists with a link to go vote?

When checking a live sports match online, e.g. in match centres; are there any UX insights on whether users prefer polls that come up with the option to answer straight away? or a notification that a ...
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Show the current votes before or after voting?

When votes are shown before someone votes, there seems to be crowd mentality that results in the post with the most votes (usually the first answer) getting disproportionally more votes - even when ...
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