We have an online product similar to Muzli colors and is targeted for limited/internal audience. So wanted to ask if we should provide FAQs with such limited functionality. Below are two main actions that a user can perform on our site:

  1. We have various layouts and the user can change colors by a universal color palette similar to Muzli.

  2. User can also select and download the layouts. They can also share these layouts with internal peers.

Just for more context, this website is only for our organization and can be accessed from our internal portal.

I really appreciate if anyone can share UX guidelines for the use of FAQs.

The palette:


This is an interesting article of reasons that you should include a FAQ page to your website: https://www.websolutions.com/blog/9-reasons-your-website-needs-an-faq-page/

  • This isn't an answer to the question, it's just a link to something. Can you reference the relevant parts of the article and just use the link as the citation? If that site goes down then the link becomes useless. – JonW Nov 3 '19 at 20:59

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