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Designing interface to accommodate physical devices with different number & layout of ports

The following device is a network switch. This particular model contains 24 ports, arranged into 2 rows with 12 ports on each. There exists hundreds of models of switches, each with different number &...
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Treating foldable devices like a multi-screen user environment? Any research or finding to support the hypothesis?

Even though I don't really understand the need for foldable devices, it hasn't stopped phone companies from pushing the boundaries when it comes to the definition of a 'display surface' and what it ...
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Prefilled device name in text field

Sorry if there is already answer for this, but I couldn't find it anywhere. In work we have recently disccused a behavior of our mobile application and we're not sure which way to go. Our app ...
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How to best present minimum requirements for device use for web application?

Currently, I do have to work with a legacy web application that can be hard to use via certain mobile devices of older generations due to performance issues. There is already a "Minimum Requirements" ...
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What is a good way to word the warning 'audio device not found'?

We have an application which needs an audio input device, or at the very least an audio output device to do anything useful with it. Our user base will include people with limited English ability, or ...
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How to design for a new product or platform?

I was wondering, how do you adapt your (or is there a specific) process when you are designing something for a new device or platform? For example let's take the Apple Watch recently, many ...
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Alternatives for preventing Accidental Touch Issues

Most of the mobile devices that are based on Android OS have buttons on the bottom edge of the device. These touch buttons have terrible UX issues. They are prone to accidental touch, thus resulting ...
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