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An anchor refers to a technique used to manipulate a user's ability to make an unbiased assumption. Anchors often are an unrealistic starting point (price or time) that cause users to regard other similar points as reasonable by comparison. Note that the term anchor is occasionally also used for hyperlinks, especially when refering to in-page links.

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What should we call the mouse-over heading link pattern, and where is it best documented?

I want to be able to refer to the UI pattern where each heading / h-tag on the page is automatically turned into an appropriately named link, and hovering on the heading reveals an icon that can be ...
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Anchor link to FAQs on product page

I'm currently improving the accessibility of the FAQ on our product page after some feedback from the business that the FAQ might be too low on the page for users to engage with. This is a rough ...
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How to deal with the interaction from a collapsed summarized list to a expand full-list? [closed]

Hopefully I can explain it well, but we provide products on our website, which have a lot of product details available. But for most of the people, it's mainly about the key features. And as we have a ...
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Page jumps and separate pages in primary navigation

We're working on a website and I was wondering what the best practice for this scenario is. We are designing a website for our company and we aren't too sure if it's good practice to link to separate ...
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Which is the best approach for Laying down the text on first scroll of the website?

The wireframes are for a product website, which is a suite of online products that can be used together or as individual modules. Option1 has a traditional HEADING-BODY COPY approach. The most common ...
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Is there any established convention for indicating that a link will scroll the page? (jump links)

There are various existing conventions to give users clues about what will happen on clicking or touching a link when it is not a standard link to another page, for example: Single chevrons pointing ...
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Accordions or anchor links for grouped content?

I am torn between 2 UI patterns for how to present text content that is broken up into large chunks. This is a pattern I'd like to use across the site, so it could be for things like FAQs as well as ...
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Anchor links with arrows?

I have several questions about anchor links for long pages that need an index at the top. Is it good usability to use arrows (pointing down) with anchor links? Should the arrow be on the left or ...
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Are web sites designed with anchors (instead of individual pages), trending because of 960 grids? or is there a different concept at play?

I quite like the minimalism that a 'long page' design provides for a landing page. By keeping everything simple and providing more focus on a core product. I just haven't been able to find many ...
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Where should 'decoy' options be placed?

I've been thinking about the placement of decoy products. For example, let's say you have a menu with A. an egg and cheese sandwich for $5.00 (the decoy option) B. an egg, cheese, avocado, tomato, ...
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