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Histogram of response times for time-tracking software

In 1979, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston released VisiCalc. Since then, is there any data for average loading times for time-tracking (or time-keeping) interfaces? For the average office worker ...
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Free text search - Indicate faster option

I have a free text box that provides the ability to search for other users. You can type anything you like into the box (part of the name, email address, job title...etc) and it will provide a list ...
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Should non-system fonts be avoided for website/general copy?

I just came across a UX principle that raises very fair objections but I'm not sure on balance I agree with, but I'm here to be proven wrong, not have my opinion confirmed. For the sake of brevity I'...
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Perceived speed - single question, multiple screens vs multiple questions, fewer screens

In our phone app, when we have multi step flows we usually have one question per screen (except when obviously related, i.e. city and state). Recently folks I have been working with have proposed it’...
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What is the term for the design pattern/micro-interaction where you speed up an action by holding a button?

I think most of us are familiar with the interaction of holding onto a button and watching a particular value increment or cycle through at a constant speed. However, I think it is common practice ...
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images loading on scroll experience

Traditionally I have created sites where the images all download at once, but you often see sites where the images only download once they are scrolled to and in view in the screen. I presumed this ...
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Carousel speed in mobile

Folks, What is the optimum speed for carousels in a mobile website? For you to answer better - optimized copy (say 6-10 words for mobile) as against 12-20 words in desktop Maximum of 4 banners in ...
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When displaying a download rate to users should it be Mbps or MB/s?

If a program is displaying the speed of a download (or an upload), how should that speed be displayed to the user? Mbps (Megabits per second) or MB/s (Megabytes per second) or something else? It ...
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What control to use to modify speed of a player?

I need to make a player control for playback of history of states. The context is not important, it should basically act like in a media player. It is easy to use buttons for most functions, such as: '...
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Hearing capability in audio player

Do you have any recommendation regarding the speed a human can hear audio and still understand? In my app I'm using ticks of 0.1 between X 0.5 - 2. is it too granular ? what speeds should I offer ...
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What to do when it takes a long time to load the content into the app?

I'm replacing all loaders (spinners) in the app I'm working on, because I need another solution which won't be tied so much with waiting. When people see loader they're frustrating, because loader ...
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Which is better for UX: eliminating useless page elements, or speeding up load times?

I've got a web app in which there are several different user roles (standard users, moderators, admins etc). There are various actions that admins can take that moderators can't; there are actions ...
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Allow multiple actions for each word of a text

I'm searching for a way to have a quick method of applying two different actions to each word within a text. I currently try do design a UI to help myself learn new vocabulary by reading texts. For ...
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Image sizes - desktop vs. tablet

Are there any generally recommended best practices for image size requirements? Mostly looking at desktop vs. tablet. Is it generally accepted for a a RWD site that a separate set of smaller image ...
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Best way to combine Spotlight-style search with multi-tag selection

I'm having a bit a "UI designer's block" with a personal extension I need to build. I'm currently using Better Bookmark, an incredibly simple Chrome extension that gives me a query-filtered Spotlight-...
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What is the optimal number of images in a carousel so the user can see all of it?

I am working on a client's clothing store website. He asked for 7 plus images in the carousel, all with the horizontal transition. He wants to update his product daily with the latest items in the ...
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Studies done on constant page load times

Scenario: Fastest page on your site loads in 300ms. Slowest is 1,500ms. Have there been any studies on artificially slowing down the fast pages to match your slowest page? So that every single click ...
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Deciding on minimum performance

I work at a remote site for a multinational company. I am doing a software implementation that is having some major user experience issues due to very poor network performance. Our load times are so ...
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In which position does a loading spinner look faster?

I know that if a spinner spins backwards or faster or both the whole loading will be perceived as faster by the user. But what about its position near a text? Let me make an example... Loading item......
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Best Way to do a Character Counter [closed]

I am bound to an infinitely wide command line. I have one line of text that my user will likely spend hours analysing for whatever reason. It is important that they can tell very easily and very ...
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A possible way to make a page load immediately even on slow connections

I don't know if someone has already come up with a swiss-knife solution to the problem, but I want to discuss a possible one with you. Suppose that you are on a "New Post" type page and have to do ...
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Is there any good reasons to stick with full page refreshes any more

For a couple of years now we have been living with Ajax and other similar web 2.0 techniques in order to ask for or send content without refereshing a whole page. It's pretty standard in slideshows, ...
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Is slow business software bad?

Using several CRM and ERP system I've noticed that many of them suffer from poor performance. Specially SaaS CRM system can have response time of several seconds (1-4s). But I've also seen this ...
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Pre-caching new assets before relaunch

We are moving to a new web server shortly, and are also optimising our approach to scripts and styles. This means, among other things, that we have new assets for users to download - and while our ...
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How long should an installer wait for a healthy internet connection? [closed]

I have a web installer that downloads the necessary files from internet to install the software. This works perfectly in a high speed connection(multi channel leased line). But when tested in normal ...
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Is it more useful to display the current speed or average speed for a download/upload?

I'm working on an interface for uploading videos to a website and currently we display the average speed for the upload to the user, as well an ETA derived from this average rate. I was wondering if ...
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Is it our job to "slow down" user interaction to enhance learning?

I asked my self this question based on this answer to the question about elevator-button affordance issues: Users in a hurry or hectic mood are willing to press any kind of elevator-button to prevent (...
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Color for an "online" indicator

I always thought that green fits best if you want to indicate a successful connection. But I recently noticed that our router at work uses blue LEDs. Is there any difference in their meaning? Like ...
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How does the projection-angle of road arrows change drivers' expectations of the appropriate speed in a curve?

Have any studies been conducted to decide the 'print angle' (anamorphic projection) of road signage? Are there any other expectations involved?
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How slow can an app be to keep feeling responsive?

I'm creating an editor to write requirements and I want to give suggestions to the user about what to write. How fast do I've to present the suggestion so that it feels responsive to the user. (...
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How to make a progress-speed bar more understandable?

I've just installed Windows 8 and noticed the brand new File copying dialog. When expanded, it shows the progress and the current transfer speed in one graph. However, the graph confuses me greatly. ...
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Do people find someone in a list faster by name or a profile picture of the person?

I am looking for research to find out if when looking through a list such as a team list in a project management app people find it easier to find someone by their profile picture or their name? I am ...
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If you can't improve loading time, is distracting the user a good technique?

On several implementations I've worked with, loading times can be as high as four seconds for the start page. When all reasonable options are done, is it possible to distract the user to make the ...
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Form input types for fast data-entry?

So, I have a form for doing data entry where there is a list of items which have three fields. The first two fields of each item are multiple-choice from five options, the third field is a simple ...
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Is speed the most important factor in mobile applications?

I've been noticing a trend when using my phone for music at work. Sites like Bandcamp have an excellent mobile site that is simple and intuitive. However, once I find a cool group on Bandcamp I end up ...
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Should we worry about dial up users?

I am looking to design a site which is going to be fairly image heavy and a question came up about what should we do if the users access it through a a dial up or a really low speed internet ...
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Can higher speeds harm the user experience?

Inspired by "Is coffee a good excuse for a slow application start-up time?" I tried to look for examples where having higher speeds could be bad for the user experience but I couldn't find any. Are ...
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What are the benefits of non-QWERTY keyboards?

I'm stuck with QWERTY, but have been tempted to try Dvorak. Dvorak advocates claim it's faster. Are there any studies that compare these two (main) keyboard layouts? Are there other layouts out there ...
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