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How to design a volume control, where there is a network delay to the remote device being controlled?

I have a physical device whose volume is being controlled over the network. It could be a local network with about a 0.5s roundtrip delay, or over the internet for a larger delay of a second or more. ...
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How long should animation delay be for a user interaction?

Simple question from a dev... I'm a non UX expert. When does a action, such as press a button or hover over a icon, how long should I delay the animation to show the interaction? I looked on Google ...
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Is it acceptable to have users wait for their submission to be visible publicly?

If a user creates a new ad or updates an existing ad, it may take up to X minutes before the changes are publicly visible on the website (the user will be informed of this). For what values of X is ...
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Is a delay between questions in a questionnaire reasonable?

I would like my users to answer several questions. They have come to my site with the intent to do this. is a good example. Most of the questions are multiple choice. Which ...
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Keyboard Shortcut For "Delay"

I'm currently building a web application which does task management. A very common function is to "delay" the current task, which means it will be postponed until some point in the future. There's ...
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Is it okay to put a minimum delay on UI changes?

I’ve been writing mobile and web applications for a while. I mainly use async tasks, two way data binding etc. I’m updating / changing UI as data arrives from server or internal services. I have a ...
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Delay showing updated search results when a user is signalling a potential match

Often a search filter is not hitting a simple local database, but rather a remote server thousands of kilometres away. In addition, if the dataset is of a non-trivial size, then processing the query ...
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Representing a network delay in fetching the status of a network object

Back story I am working on a monitoring view of a network management system. The system allows the user to deploy a network object in a client environment. Once done, this monitoring view shows the ...
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Is instantaneous response to user interaction always the best choice in a GUI?

I've noticed a hint of something in the most satisfying GUIs I've interacted with. I'm not sure if I'm imagining this, but sometimes I think there's a small (almost undetectable) delay between my ...
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On adding fake delay, to, network delays

Consider an app, where there's a function (perhaps a button, or, when you hit return to send some text, for example). It results in a network connection, and there will be a small delay while the ...
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Best UX for delayed response component

What is a good way to handle component that change states who may or may not be delayed? For instance if I have a checkbox and when pressed, I need to do a potentially slow action (like a web request)...
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Recommended events to display throbber?

To indicate that the application is doing something, throbbers are often displayed. Are there certain type of events that one should or shouldn't display one? Obviously long events which the user ...
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How to balance navigation menu hovering lagginess and usability?

I'm building a navigation menu with many icons. Hovering one icon, will expand a different sub-bar while hiding the others. The delay I've choosed of 180ms is to avoid the users to accidentally change ...
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What is the correct term for the grace period when a user unfocuses an element

I remember reading some time ago that nested menu interfaces should not follow the mouse exactly because the user often moves diagonally when travelling into a child menu, so the pointer might pass ...
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Export functionality taking a long time - how the app should react?

I have a problem deciding what the user is expecting from the app when using the export functionality. I have a web app which allows the user to export data from a grid, either one row at the time or ...
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Freezing the UI when doing a synchronous operations

I have a button in the UI which does a critical action (restarting of a server) and thus the latter operation could last for few seconds (10 - 15). Thus, I'm doing the following: Freezing the UI so ...
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Flight comparison websites 'delaying' search results?

Is it true that price comparison websites, particularly flight comparison websites 'delay' the search results of price information so users feel that the search is comprehensive? Otherwise what is ...
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Are there studies that show how long a user is willing to wait when logging into a website?

It is a known good practice to use slow password hashing algorithms with a tunable iteration count to increase the difficult of a successful bruteforce attack on a password hash. I quote part of an ...
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How to implement a delay to prevent inadvertent clicks on a touch screen

I'm developing an app that asks users to fill in a questionnaire which consists of multiple screens. Each screen includes the question text, a graphic, and Yes/No buttons that are always in the same ...
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Pros/cons of splash-screen with articifial loading delay

My firm has developed a small, domain-specific desktop GUI application. Being small, it loads fast (practically instantly) and initially presents a "home" screen, which in this app, is a kind of ...
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Using delayed appearance of some UI elements to grab user attention suggest actions

I'm looking for some examples and opinion of delaying the appearance of some elements in mainly static UI. I'm not talking about banners, which are affected with "banner blindness", but rather ...
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How slow can an app be to keep feeling responsive?

I'm creating an editor to write requirements and I want to give suggestions to the user about what to write. How fast do I've to present the suggestion so that it feels responsive to the user. (...
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