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What's the purpose of the colour filters in Windows/macOS/Linux desktop environments?

In their accessibility settings Windows etc. have colour filters for colour-blind people, such as people with Red-Green-Deficiencies (Deuteranopia, Protanopia etc.). As a non-affected person, I wonder ...
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On phones, does the last item in the footer have precedence?

Is it true, that on phones the last item (last column on PCs) in the site's footer is (usually) read more often that the first one, because if the user scrolls to the end, he will see the last item (...
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How do you attract the attention of a user if you want them to click a button, or look at an ui element like a checkbox?

Let's say you have a side panel that's a bit more complex than this, and you have a button called "Fill in with sample data", "Use recommended filters" or "Use AI-generated ...
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What's a more persistent alternative to tooltips?

I'm designing a dashboard that includes some jargon that is not yet commonly known in the client's industry. This includes terms that would need to give further details about how certain calculations ...
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Offering same functionality on browse and details page?

I’ve two pages: browse (parent) and details (child). Browse has a list of items, displaying the name and some other meta data (description, owner, upload date, etc.). Clicking on an item opens the ...
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UX Party Game Design - Should an action that is not available for all players disabled or simply hidden?

I am working on a party game for both PC (mouse+keyboard, which supports mouse over and clicks), but also for tablet (Android/iOS, which only supports clicks), but I am stuck on which UX pattern is be ...
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Is it correct to delete a button that opens a section, when the section is open?

In a particular scenario, I have a button in the main window of application that, when pressed, opens a specific "command" section. When this section is open, is it correct to delete the button that ...
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Animation of files moving from one folder to the other is what? [closed]

Consider the animation that appears when you drag and drop a bunch of files from one folder to another and you can see the files moving from the first folder to the second. Is that an example of any ...
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When to save settings that span multiple pages?

Background I have a mobile app that employs both "multi-page" template and "single page" template. Specifically there is a “My Profile” functionality that is split across multiple ...
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Do you think it is a better option to put the site-menu in the header for user experience? [closed]

Hi i am trying to create a good experience for my clients. This is a demo of my site. My question is what is better regarding user experience when it comes to the site-menu? Should i rather put the ...
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the most visible color of bounding box in images of cats [closed]

I develop an app which draw a bounding box in pictures of cats. I wonder which color is the fittest for that purpose.
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Why do apps not emphasise on 'Login' buttons like they do for 'Sign up' buttons?

There are few obvious reasons for a prominent sign up buttons like, We need more signups We need the visitors to locate the sign up button quickly Most of the apps, dont sign out users after they ...
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Design considerations for Macular degeneration

So I was doing some research around the different kinds of conditions people face and what designers can do to ensure accessibility for them. I found some really good material at This ...
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Drawer Menu (hamburger) icon visibility, no background?

Looking for some input on this. So usually, in an Android app, you have a single colored toolbar at the top with the hamburger icon on the left. We've opted to make that toolbar transparent, and allow ...
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Activate item for visibility in menu

My application has quite a long menu. It's divided in 7 big sections with +5 items inside each one. Some of this sections have items that may never be used by the user (p.e. there is a Rubric ...
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Need a prominent way to show the sorted column

Formerly, grids showed which column was sorted, by using a glyph (▼) in the column heading. What I know In Windows 10's File Explorer, this glyph is visually less prominent and has moved to the ...
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Circular context menu on hover

I'm working on a mouse-centric user interface in a desktop application. The target audience are people savvy with computers. The main element of the user interface is a circular button that doubles ...
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Discrete and visible div over img/video

I have an video tag with an div displayed on top. The div is pretty nice looking and visible for the most part, only dark images are a bit problematic. For the sake of testing I searched out 3 ...
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UX principles for maximizing web page visibility at a distance?

This post is about maximizing visual clarity of a page, not SEO. Some info about my project: The page will be displayed on a 1080p 42" television. Users will be standing 3 - 6 feet from the TV. ...
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Show zero or nothing when displaying gold, silver, and bronze tokens?

StackExchange uses a combination of reputation and Gold, Silver and Bronze badges to show activity. Is it instantly clear what the following represents? (picture, reputation, badges) Did someone ...
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Determining small information display duration

I have to display some information about a battery system on a very limited display. It only has a four characters dot lcd display space, so the most common thing I saw for this was alternating the ...
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Best Way to do a Character Counter [closed]

I am bound to an infinitely wide command line. I have one line of text that my user will likely spend hours analysing for whatever reason. It is important that they can tell very easily and very ...
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Windows 8 store apps: visibility of item groupings/tabs

I am implementing sub groupings on a panel of items in a Windows 8 app. The panel is relatively thin containing a vertically scrolling list of items. The user can change the list of times by tapping ...
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Letting the user know that "unchecking" the checkbox would make the element invisible

I have two views: A view where every Category and the subcategories are shown A view where every Category-Title is shown with a checkbox If the user unchecks the Category-Title in view 2, the ...
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Events for displaying datepicker

I currently have a function that displays a datepicker when the user actively chooses "Custom range" instead of "Today" or "This week", like this: Datepicker. The thing I'm uncertain of for now is ...
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Hide Controls Until Usable

I have a drop down box where the first item is blank indicating they haven't selected anything yet and then it's filled with other choices. There is also an insert button beside the drop down. The ...
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What is a good color combination, visibility for outside use

I am designing the layout for a touchscreen for outside use, What are some good color combination to use that will be visible under the sun light for outside use? Maybe bright neon colors?
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