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A case study is an intensive analysis of an individual unit (e.g., a person, group, or event) stressing developmental factors in relation to context.

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How do I redesign my portfolio projects?

So I've recently compiled 3 UX case studies done in classroom on my portfolio website and when asked to present a case study during interview I showcase one case study in the form of presentation ...
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Any studies on user case studies as reinforcing copy?

Content provider for a website heavily pushes case studies as a way of helping the user to make their financial decisions. For example: Jane is a 32 year old single mum who works part time, she ...
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Aside from going into bootcamps, what’s another way to build case studies? I have a few ideas but I’m not sure how to build it without a main guide?

So as a context: I've already done a bootcamp last year but in that bootcamp, we didn't make a lot of case studies. Just one. I need more but I'm not sure how I'm going to recruit participants into ...
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Case study for managing revenue in hospitals using journey mapping

I am looking for UX case studies that resolved revenue management systems in hardware service deliveries in hospitals & clinics.
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Value of the "Last Updated" field on a web page

These days many sites or pages on social media only have a very limited shelf life, in contrast to the standard corporate or organisation website that contains information that have a degree of ...
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Create UX Case study with Heuristic Evaluation but no user research

I have performed heuristic evaluation on a couple of websites and have them recorded on my notepad. I am re-designing the screens as per my findings from the heuristic evaluation. Could you help me ...
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Showing the percentage of users who got an answer correct/incorrect on a quiz

I'm building an education app and in an appeal to try to improve engagement I was thinking of showing the percentage of how many people selected each question option after the user answers. Here's ...
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Drop out rates and phone numbers

Assume a customer service website of some description. The company behind this website wants customers to navigate through it and find the answer to their question themselves. They do not want ...
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How to hypothesise, evaluate and communicate UI changes

I'm looking at compiling a spread sheet to compare React frameworks. (React Semantic UI, Material UI, Ant Design...). Framework, metric... Semantic UI Material UI ...
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Perceived speed - single question, multiple screens vs multiple questions, fewer screens

In our phone app, when we have multi step flows we usually have one question per screen (except when obviously related, i.e. city and state). Recently folks I have been working with have proposed it’...
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Name of theory for more users giving low ratings

There's a theory or study that shows evidence that users are more prone to provide reviews if the review is bad than if the review is good. Kind of a "revenge" review. However, can't find it on ...
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Registration case studies/research

I am working on a commercial website where customers choose a template and then use a drag and drop interface to create their own adverts or promos. Before the customer can access this section ...
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Where can I find studies on UX/UI Design for apps and websites? [closed]

When I google, I only get results about "user research methods" and these kind of things. What I really want is studies/stats about things like the best position for a navigation menu, best types of ...
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Studies on Sign In Authentication Error Messages

So, after browsing other threads, I found some information on the question of when a user is logging in, and fails to authenticate do we give the user the message "Username or Password is incorrect" ...
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Difference between case studies and usability tests?

Off the bat, case studies seem more in depth and include proposed solutions and redesigns, whereas usability tests just seem like an analysis of the UX of an app. Do I have that right? If so, are ...
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Best method of showcasing UI interaction / animations for case studies or portfolios?

I'm building a site full of case studies and I want the ability to show UI animations of how the user interacts with the interface. My app is a browser based app. Some simple things I'd like to show: ...
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What are some examples / case studies of apps that did better due to improved UX? [closed]

Are there any good examples / case studies of mobile applications revamped (improved UX) that have a higher conversion due to the UX adjustments?
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Use Behaviour Flow from Google Analytics to redesign the website navigation menu

I am working on a big project to redesign the navigation menu of a website. There is a similar question that helped me a lot, but I have the feel my case is somehow different. The website is not an e-...
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Should I offer product plans with specified limits when we do not yet have a way to enforce the limits?

I'm designing software that's being designed with multiple tiers. Each tier has a specified amount of storage and specified number of actions an account can take each month. The issue is that we do ...
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Full screen and centre page advertisement take overs

I'm looking for any stats on the effects of displaying full screen and centre page advertisement take overs on a webpage? - specifically on editorial style websites where the user is tasked with ...
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How effective are banners in the left sidebar on ecommerce websites?

Does anyone have a case or study about the effectiveness of the banner that appears after the sidebar menu? A client insists on using them but this banner represents less than 1% of clicks.
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Best Practices: Web Cartography Design

I am looking for ANY studies completed on mapping solutions for the web or interactive devices. Specifically related to: Optimum View Window Size Control Paradigms (Zoom/Markers) Visual Design of Map ...
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Examples of changing a project's focus as a result of design

I'm giving a short talk on interaction design practices, and one of the topics I'm covering is how a product's concept can change during design. That is, you start a project intending to solve problem ...
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Using portfolio case studies as a slider instead of a separate page

I'm redesigning my portfolio and I wonder what's the best experience. As many people do, I have a left column with a brief description of the project and on the right an image of the finished layout. ...
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Is it preferrable to include testimonials or case studies on a B2B website?

Testimonials and case studies are a common way to get a second-voice onto the website to help sell your product / service from business-to-business. However, useful case studies are much harder to put ...
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