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In apartments or hotels why do we add a 0 between the floor number and room/apartment number?

Like a room on 4th will be named as 401 to 408. Why don't we use 4-1, 4-2 till 4-8?
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Price too low to show!

We've all seen it: We're browsing through the products comparing prices trying to find the best deal when we run into one of these advertisements. "Price too low to show" normally followed ...
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Sprites/Icon Representation

I have an application and I'm currently working on the design at the minute. As I have been working I've been thinking about little things to enhance the application. One idea I thought about were ...
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In which position does a loading spinner look faster?

I know that if a spinner spins backwards or faster or both the whole loading will be perceived as faster by the user. But what about its position near a text? Let me make an example... Loading item......
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Subscription plan vs credits [duplicate]

I am working on a small commercial product and It is still early days, but I already try to think of ways to monetize this service. I would like to know what users prefer or in which situation the one'...
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Best Loading Screen [closed]

I have always been a fan of what developers use as their loading screens. I've always enjoyed unique ones that give me something to look at while I'm waiting, rather than a bar measuring the data ...
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Are there any peer-reviewed papers on the maximum waiting time to be considered "user real-time"? [duplicate]

Are there any scientific papers about any study performed on what is considered a maximum waiting time for an activity to be considered "user real-time" (not software real-time). I was looking at ...
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Should I fill empty space in bars?

It's about bar-charts in a table. Every row has a bar, which visualises a value of the row. The biggest value of the whole table is the maximum of the bars and not necessarily on the same table-page....
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Why is the "Record" icon always round and usually red?

I've been wondering why the symbol for 'record' is universally (AFAIK - has anyone seen exceptions?) a circle and usually red. Cameras, VCRs, voice recorders, smartphones, web apps... I've seen cases ...
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Absence of negative feedback vs. presence of positive feedback

Anyone know of any research or guidelines on if/when relying on the absence of negative feedback is more appropriate than providing explicit positive feedback? Background: I'm working on an ...
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Model photo choice for better conversion rate : is same sex more appealing than opposite sex?

I am creating a landing page targeted to men of age 18 to 45 years. It's supposed to promote a nationwide recruitment effort of temporary workers needed in production plants. The photo of a smiling ...
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User perception on non ".com" top level domains

I am thinking of buying a .co domain as a .com is not available for my company name. While the .co is cleaner and shorter many of us have gotten used to .com. Do users only remember the domain name ...
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