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Primary action to the right Some best practices recommend the primary action (default) put to the right. This also was a result of a survey by MeasuringUX. So when reading (from left to right) the last focussed spot allows clicking. The right alignment is also associated with "next" or "forward" movement, whereas cancel button put before ok suggests "...


Your interface getting distracted while you put the HELP button on the right side with your primary action buttons. I recommended aligning the HELP button in the left position, so your interface doesn't get distracted while your users check and uncheck the "Help button visible" option.


I always hesitate to place contradictory buttons next to each other. You could hit one or the other by accident which no doubt has happened to many...


I would go with your second example. For a single reason. The buttons need to be placed in the order of positive action, negative action and such. So from a user standpoint it gets to : Is this error ok ? Press OK / Do I want do cancel ? Press Cancel / Nothing works ? Get help.


I think that's the right place to put a help button. You should either have the help button left-aligned Or move it to the top, next to the close button. Use the question icon. It used to be a standard

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