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I'm looking for an advice how to crate an intuitive web UI for linear regression model

Persona: non-technical user who defines several examples of their work and resulting prices. She is a crochet artist who can give several items with their properties. (e.g: 8cm high bear, crochet loop ...
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2 answers

How to tell user that it is required for them to upload photo before submitting the form?

I have existing form on apps which requesting for user's details. Form Layout : There are 4 input fields and 1 image uploader. User need to click on the camera icon to start picking the image from ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Users are confused and think search filter are input boxes. How best to indicate that they are for filtering search results?

Users are confused and don't understand the boxes on top of the summary page are for further filtering the results. Some think the boxes are to enter new values. What is the best way to indicate these ...
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1 answer

Making an intuitive keyboard with only a joystick and a few buttons

I have an 8 direction joystick and a few buttons, layed out like an original ps1 controller but with a joystick instead of the d-pad. I am trying to come up with an intuitive on-screen keyboard that's ...
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7 answers

Filter by dietary preferences

I'm designing dietary preferences filter for a food ordering app. unlike regular filters where users want selected filters to show, in this case the users will be selecting what they DO NOT want in ...
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39 votes
16 answers

How to present a race for the lowest score

We have an energy dashboard in a STEM elementary school. One of the pages is a competition for the most efficient building which starts at 8:00 AM Monday and completes 2:45 Friday. We are currently ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How do cards improve readability?

Most of the apps and websites are adapting to card design to display necessary information. What makes cards so intuitive and attractive for read/view?
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2 votes
1 answer

Optimizing Directory Path Bar

I'm working on a complex project in insert language here, which involves creating a simple directory viewer, similar to Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, but much more simple. I'm not sure where and ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Marking box as expandable box intuitivly

I designed a site with several boxes (which located one under the other). Each box contains information about a specific topic- a title (the name of the subject) and a text (the explanation of this ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to make text selectable in master/detail table view?

We are designing a datatable view for scientistic users. They get this table after they input a bunch of filters and press search. The table is already quite big - 13 columns. However we know that ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Paste address into relevant contact fields

I'm looking for an intuitive UI interaction that allows both: entering contact information as the following fields: First Name Last Name E-Mail Address Phone Number pasting multiple or all of those ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Switching between dashboards vs. having one dashboard

I am designing a web application and I recently have been faced with a problem. The problem is that I am confused which method to use or which method is better to use. First let me give you a little ...
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1 answer

displaying ranges for acceptable values [closed]

I need to display information related to room environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, etc. For instance, fields for temperature are: The actual room temperature. The room temperature ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Best way to provide add/remove functions for a matrix's rows and columns in a smartphone app

I'm building a matrix calculator for Android and am having some difficulty designing an intuitive Graphical User Interface due to the limited space I have on a smartphone screen. The top 30% of the ...
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2 votes
4 answers

How to make this single window tool more user friendly?

I am building a simple tool which accepts a URL, a username and a password. The URL contains one or more sets of data. After the users enters the URL, username and password. The tool then retrieves ...
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1 answer

When to use explicit CTA vs. allowing for Discovery?

I have a basic Commerce Layout (sketch layout below). I want to integrate an option where the user can specify a budget limit for Quantity, Cost or both. Question: Would I need to spell out the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is an intuitive name for a date column that displays events that are either in progress or completed?

I have a table of data that I need to display to my users that contains events that are either in progress or completed. My problem is that the names that have been suggested for this column header ...
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2 answers

Sorting alphabetically - best intuitive way to signify alphabetical ordering

So I have a plain old button (two buttons to be exact). The button reads "SORT", when you click the button, an option comes up and lets you choose a sort type. I have two types of sorting: price and ...
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8 votes
4 answers

How to indicate tooltips?

I've got a table like web page and on only one column you can hover over the rows and tooltips appear. At the top of the column I've got a little info symbol ('i' in a blue circle) but I don't think ...
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Is it clear to non-tech users that “share page” on this mockup means share the page user was on when menu was clicked

Looking for insight about a non-tech user's experience and whether or not they'll understand that "share page" refers to the page from which the menu was called.
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2 votes
1 answer

Is there a standard when it comes to using the eye open, eye closed icons to show/hide something?

Typically speaking, whenever I use an icon for a link, I believe the icon should represent the actual action of clicking on that link. E.g. To edit a post, you'd typically use a pencil icon. However,...
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13 votes
5 answers

Is the "Three Toggle" button on Bothsider easy for users to understand?

Combining two separate toggle buttons (follow/unfollow + another for whether that "follow" is public/private) seems like an elegant solution to the spacing and aesthetic problems of having two buttons....
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139 votes
19 answers

Which way should be "on" for a switch?

Most of us use switches every day in various forms. And although there are sometimes general norms in countries as to which direction is "on", there is variation between countries. So when ...
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