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Folder Structure vs Filter Parameters for Accessing Historical Documents

Do we need folders or a paginated list with filter parameters (Time-range, file type, etc.) to easily access the historical data such as invoices in a cloud repository application?  With a folder ...
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What are good principles for organizing files?

My job is to organize department shared drives - which often contain hundreds of thousands of documents (mostly Word documents, but also spreadsheets and media). I'm quickly coming to the realization ...
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Is there an acknowledged standard for multiple selection with checkboxes?

I'm here to ask you about a checkbox usage I'd like to know better. These are some folders. Let's say I want to select them. What do these checbox different states mean to you? I have to admit I'm ...
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Displaying actions for item lists

I have a tablet based application, that shows folders and files. I did it a bit like Dropbox did. Left view a list of the folders in the current "opened" folder, right view the a list of files in the ...
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Optimizing Directory Path Bar

I'm working on a complex project in insert language here, which involves creating a simple directory viewer, similar to Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, but much more simple. I'm not sure where and ...
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What are best practices for naming convention, hierarchy structure for shared drives? [closed]

I'm working on a project to organize a Google Drive used to share company folders and files. I don't want to make changes for the sake of change. I do want to base the changes on a well documented ...
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How to inform the user which folder needs to be selected in a Folder Dialog?

I'm working on a program that can import data that's exported from another program. I'm using a simple input field with a browse button to open a "Folder Dialog" like this The browse button opens a ...
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Filtering list of items by folders

We're introducing folders into our app and I'm having a hard time figuring out the layout. Here's what I know: The items will be draggable onto the folders. One item can be added into multiple ...
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How to tell a user about an option to move file out of a folder?

In my web app, I have a file/folder tree structure. I want to give a user ability to move a file out of a folder into the 'root' of the file/folder tree. So the file won't be inside of a folder. ...
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Is a tag based system a better UX than traditional folder structure?

Background We are a manufacturing company that deal with mainly aerospace, automotive, and assembly type customers. Our users have been using a network folder structure for as long as I have been ...
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Folder naming standard for storing app backup data on user's personal cloud?

A lot of web/mobile apps can store backups on your personal cloud storage ( Dropbox, Google drive, ... ). It's usually done by by creating a folder and storing the files that are needed for the app ...
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Drag and drop indicator for web folder

What is a good and elegant way to show user that he can use drag and drop, but when the folder is not empty? It's not a problem for empty folder. I can use the whole area outlined by dash line. But ...
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With a single level hierarchy, are folders less complicated than tags?

I'm deciding between tags and folders and my intuition is that folders are easier to understand, but I can't find anything to back this up. From my research: Folders are better for browsing because ...
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Folders and Tagging pattern for a shared files?

I'm developing a user interface for an enterprise product that has programs that are created, run, and shared by members of an organization (i.e. a company). I want users to be able to easily find ...
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Is the folder structure dying?

In our digital world we have previously been forced to know the location of digital content. The obvious one being the local hard drive or a shared file server where sometimes extreme structures have ...
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Should you allow users to expand empty folders in a treeview?

I have in some occasions seen treeview interfaces that displays all folders with a little expander icon beside it, but in some occasions this expander when clicked reveals no new files under that ...
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When to use the folder-metaphor?

For a top-level navigation I am currently working on, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use folder icons to communicate that an item in the list is actually a container (a folder) of items....
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Do nested hierarchies of folders make sense to novice users?

I'm wondering whether there's any evidence that nested hierarchies of folders make sense to novice users. I may be wrong, but I think the complexity or difficulty of finding a file in an organized or ...
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Can we assume a file stored in the cloud and link saved in the pocket app, are same?

Let’s imagine a user uses a cloud service (for example Google Drive) for: Only backing up his data Accessing files from different locations and different devices To expand the storage capacity of ...
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Folders with one option vs the one option alone

I am designing a site for a school and I have reached a problem: I am putting teachers' websites (where the teachers post homework) under folders by the class they teach. However, some classes are ...
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Do single items on the Windows Start Menu need a folder?

My team is creating an application that has a single entry point. There will be a single entry point, meaning only one item on the Windows 7 start menu/Windows 8 start screen. Other than "that's how ...
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Filtered sub-folders counts

How would you show "unread" count on sub-folders after filtering an entity? Do you know any commonly used examples of such? Think of it as a mailbox that has 100 unread email. Then we have 4 ...
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Best practice for search field and folders

for an enterprise solution I have a search field and some folders to find results in a large database. Folders can be ‘Recently created’ (e.g. within the last 10 days) or ‘Favorites’. All of them ...
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