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Preventing invalid preference states when opting for auto save functionality

I’m currently working on a marketing preferences screen where a user can control what marketing comms they receive and the channels they receive them on. A business decision was made to keep the ...
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What is a good resource for objective data on what to label options in an application, e.g. should they be called settings, preferences, or options?

I'm looking for objective and publicly available quantitative research on the language that users prefer or industry best practices on what to call options in an application. When is it best to use ...
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Filter by dietary preferences

I'm designing dietary preferences filter for a food ordering app. unlike regular filters where users want selected filters to show, in this case the users will be selecting what they DO NOT want in ...
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Marketing preferences in a checkout process

I can see there's different approaches to showing the marketing preferences when buying a product. In your opinion, if the marketing preferences has a long text and a long list of opt-ins, do you ...
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What is the best way to test three different versions of a piece of copy?

Being very new to this field, I thought experts here could show me how to test this. We have three different copies of an appstore description and we would like to see which one leads to more ...
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How to design inclusive icons/images representing different gender identity/preferences?

These days there is some consensus around how to address people with different gender preferences apart from male, female and other. The term GLBT has been used to provide some differentiation to ...
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