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Questions tagged [color-blindness]

is the inability or decreased ability to see color, or perceive color differences, under normal lighting conditions

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Is there a methodology or color choice that allows an app's UI to be more visible in outdoor conditions? [duplicate]

I saw this question on another Q&A website and was wondering the same. This is a question that resurfaces from time to time, even on this website, where there are several questions with no answer, ...
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Yellow in high contrast modes

We're implementing different color themes across our apps. All our basic themes are WCAG level AA compliant, but now it's high contrast theme's turn. It's going to be a theme that features maximum ...
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Do different opacities of hover / click / active states need considering from an accessibility perspective?

I found this sidebar on Dribbble: And I'm wondering if it's fully accessible? It looks like when a menu item is active, it's given a semi-transparent background. And when you hover over another menu ...
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Is colour alone enough to convey warning?

I'm designing page that has an alerts panel in relation to healthcare. I'm using a pale red to convey that action needs to be taken immediately, orange to show that something is due soon and green to ...
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Do small icons have to pass at least 3:1 for contrast accessibility?

Can anyone clarify if icons (UI elements) 20x20 etc have to be 3:1 and is that a recommendation? Thanks
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What is the UX guideline or ruleset for making accessible while we have conditional formatting colors applied to each rows?

While we have color palette to handle conditional formatting of table rows we want to create accessible color palette. How is this handled addressing accessibility for colour blind like greyscale? Any ...
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Does Wordle's high contrast mode confuse the meanings of the colors for colorblind users?

The popular word game Wordle includes a high contrast mode in the settings for "improved color vision". It turns the usual green and yellow color cues into more contrasting orange and blue. ...
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6 votes
3 answers

LED indicator considerations for colorblind users?

I'm working with some hardware that has RGB LEDs to indicate various states. The LEDs are limited to each element being fully on or off, so there are effectively 7 lit states (R, G, B, RG/yellow, RB/...
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How to distinction between new and old added items (+ colorblind)?

In my app the waiter can "open a table" and check what has been ordered or add new plates to the order. The added items or the ordered ones are in the same list and for now i was showing the ...
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How do I subtly show that an element in large collection of elements was recently changed?

I have a large collection of elements displayed in a calendar-like grid. These elements represent entities that can change over time, but many won't. The elements are rendered like cards, evoking a ...
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7 answers

Colorblindness-friendly colors called "green", "blue", "yellow", and "red"

I need to choose a palette of four colors that satisfies the following two conditions: Colorblind people can easily distinguish all four of the colors. People with normal color vision can ...
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3 answers

What is the number 0.05 in the calculation of contrast ratio between colors?

To calculate contrast ratio the following formula is used (source): (L1 + 0.05) / (L2 + 0.05) where: L1 is the relative luminance of the lighter of the colors, and L2 is the relative luminance of ...
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Do red "destructive" buttons hurt accessibility?

My organization currently uses red buttons for destructive actions, e.g. Delete A or Revoke X. I'm wondering if this hurts accessibility, given that our primary CTA buttons are blue and our secondary ...
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How to force the user to draw on certain elements if there are images in the layout

Well, I ran into the problem of distinguishability of content in a mobile application. In fact, there are a huge number of pictures on the page (movie poster, preview of the film as a picture). A lot ...
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Color blindness test for a chart color palette

I have a color palette for charts. I'd like to convert it to the 3 most common types of color blindness: Protanopia (red blind), Deuteranopia (green-blind), and Tritanopia (blue-blind). And see ...
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potentially color-blind person: how to choose colors for a graph [duplicate]

I have a chart with 5 curves (curves 1-5). A person told me that colors 1 vs. 2 as well as colors 3 vs. 5 are difficult to distinguish. While I can understand that 3 and 5 are somewhat similar, the 1 ...
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Can palettes be unambiguous for colour blind users?

I am making design recommendations for a piece of software that wants to accommodate entirely illiterate users. A suggestion that has been made is to assist these users by employing "color coding" on ...
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Using selection feedback to make a color-coded seat map usable for colorblind users

I am designing a seat map in which different seats will be in different zones. Each zone has a different price, so the zones are highly relevant to the user during seat selection. However, because ...
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Is it a good idea to use red color in User Interfaces? [duplicate]

Colors like red and green are not visible to people with colour blindness.So is it a good idea to use red or variations of red as a user interface colour?
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4 votes
3 answers

Alternatives for red/green in diff output

I once read an article arguing that red and green are bad choices for diff, because some people have red-green color blindness red implies "bad" and green implies "good", but deleted code is often ...
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4 answers

I need help picking a color for colorblind people

thanks for taking the time to help me out :) I am having trouble deciding which color to pick. A bright yellow or a bright purple. It has to go with the teal I used because it represents my school, ...
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What is the thought behind veg and non veg icons?

My cousin always looks for this little green icon before she buys anything that is eatable. I was wondering what is the thought behind these icons. To be specific these don't pictorially depict veg ...
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Is it okay to use orange color for buttons and red for warning messages/buttons?

I am having a navbar with a search functionality that has two buttons "Search" and "Advanced". My primary color is blue #2a7ab0 I use that for buttons and some text. Text color on the blue button is ...
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How to visually indicate statuses in a matrix of information?

I'm designing a web app to help users track the status of several products over a 6 month period. We need to show a product's status for each month. A product has 1 of 5 statuses for each month. I'...
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How can I find a color scheme that is appropriate for color blind persons?

I need to highlight an item in a toolbar with a color that is distinct from other colors that are already present. This accent color will be used in any currently selected item, row, or other item ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Accessibility color difference best practices

I was planning on using #663399 and #f8f8f8 as a foreground and background color. The Color Contrast Tool, like others, is passing the contrast ratio as described by WCAG, but is failing color ...
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Alert colors are really user-friendly to color-blind users?

I have seen many alert boxes are differentiated using only colors, even bootstrap has given. Has this box been really user-friendly to color-blind users?
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Color Palette for All types of Color Blindness

I am trying to design an infographic that is colorful and informative. At the same time, people who are colorblind should be able to view it. Color-blindness website allows you to view images with ...
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3 answers

Icon coloring for color blindness

I have scenario where there are 2 icons(Check and Exclamation) with 4 states.The colors of the icons changes on following scenarios State 1 - ! - Grey (Configuration is missing,has content) State 2 -...
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A UI/UX developer with color-blindness. Good or Bad idea or maybe a challenge?

I'm working as a front-end developer. I used to work on JavaScript technologies. But when it comes to UX and about choosing colors and stuff which I'm not able to understand well due to color ...
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Nice elevators patterns for imaginative psychology

For a person that could not see, would it be nice to have different elevator buttons arranged into different patterns, not sure which ones, at all, or not? On one hand, it would make things ...
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Correct way to present an option for visual deficiency (ie. colorblindness)

I would like to present an option for users who have a visual deficiency (specifically, colorblindness) to choose so that the UI can adjust its colors accordingly to best suit them. What should I name ...
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Making color blind friendly plots that look professional

Based on this question I've been racking my brain trying to find a color scheme for journal publications that is color blind friendly and that I actually like. I've tried color brewer and other sites, ...
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2 answers

How to determine color palettes visible for the colorblind?

How can I create a color palette that can still be visible by those who are colorblind? Is there a resource that can help determine if color palettes meet WCAG standards? If not, could someone ...
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How can wiring systems be designed to not rely solely on colour?

Yesterday I was faced with the challenge of replacing the stock radio in my vehicle. The stock radio had broken, and it was time for a new one. As it is, building the proper wiring harness is already ...
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2 answers

How should you create simple, color-coded graphics for color-blind people when the graphics are particularly thin?

I'm starting to make a Flash puzzle game, and I started thinking about how to implement a color-blind mode. (I know there's a game development SE, but this is a user experience question.) To keep it ...
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4 answers

Can someone who is colour blind pursue a career in UX?

I am colourblind and I am considering a career in Business Analysis and User Experience. Would this be a problem for me?
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9 votes
2 answers

Colourblindness in design

I'm doing a little research to see how many people are affected by colourblindness to see if it is useful for our company to put some extra attention into our designs for those who are colourblind. I'...
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Site Accessibility - Colour schemes to avoid

Marketing at our company has a strong preference for Blue on Blue in our application (i.e. Blue gradient background, with a Light blue header background, and a darker blue text shade). Obviously, in ...
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Good colors to indicate presence (in/out)

I'm designing an app that allows people to indicate if they are in or out of the office. When they change state, I'm showing a pop-up screen with an in icon or an out icon. Currently the background ...
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What are HTML colors that could be used for a 4 level performance measurement (Poor, OK, Good, Great) that would work with color blind people?

Perhaps, for users with Red-Green color blindness, the colors below are OK b/c the user can differentiate (I think) between read and light green. And for Red/Dark-Green they could easily tell one is ...
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Should we risk using colors other than blue in Web apps?

Trends: New Colors (we’re looking at you, #00A0D1) If there’s one thing that’s been stagnant in the design community, it’s the originality with colors. Sixty percent of the applications on my ...
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What is the difference between WCAG 2 AAA Compliant and WCAG 2 AA Compliant

I use a web app to check my site color contrast. Most of my color (Back/fore ground colors) are OK and I see YES inside textboxes except the one which refers to WCAG 2 AAA. What is it? What is the ...
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Are social media icons as effective when grey-scale?

Social icons may be more noticeable in the header, but they can clutter they navigation. Are social icons as effective in grey-scale? ie. Will users still see them in a group of links if they're not ...
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How can I check if my user interface is suited for colorblind people? [closed]

I've made a visualization that consists of various colors. Now I would like to test, if also color-blind people can use my application in a meaningful way. Is there any tool etc that I can run to see ...
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Communicating a three stage grade of alert

In our web application there's a view where we display the stress on a hardware component. This will be displayed with a percentage value in different colour codes combined with an icon where 100% ...
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Choosing colors appropriately for red-green colorblindness

I want a green for "correct answer" and a red for "wrong answer". My current choice is rgb(144, 238, 144) for the green and rgb(250, 128, 114) for the red. (See for the colours in ...
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Traffic light like indicator for color-blind users?

We want to implement an indicator to display 'good' 'average' or 'bad'. So someone came up with a traffic light image. (green circle for 'good' yellow circle for 'average' and a red circle for 'bad') ...
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