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Highlight Color & Text Color [closed]

How do we avoid using the same highlight color as the text color? For example: when you highlight a paragraph, the background color changes to draw attention to the paragraph, but what if the color ...
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Highlighting text in a selectable container

We have an issue where a user can click into the cell of a table, and the table will sort based on that selection. But, we also have research that shows users want to be able to select the content of ...
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Multi-selecting checkboxes while rows are highlighted

My team and I just spent almost 2 hours discussing the right way to go about this issue. We have a table. In this table, the rows can be selected. Each row also has a checkbox at the beginning of the ...
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Search suggestions matching, what is the best way to bold matches?

I'm trying to understand the pros and cons of different methods to hit highlighting matching text within the search box drop down suggestions. I'm aware of the article by NN group https://www.nngroup....
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Indicate highlighted terms in a modal that is triggered by an ellipsis icon

In my search engine, on search results page terms for different criteria can be highlighted. For instance, in text, in dates or in emails. However, some of those items (text, dates, emails) can be ...
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Highlighting parent in the top-most navigation

I'm using an always-visible side navigation bar for a web app I'm helping design. This bar serves as the topmost navigation throughout the app, providing fast access to top-most categories even from ...
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What are the best examples of accessible highlighting online? [closed]

I'm seeking Accessible Highlighting online and not seeing much. I'm well versed in high-end accessibility, but I am having trouble finding ANY examples of accessible highlight, let alone best-of-...
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Indentifying bullet point based on content using icons, text or other means [closed]

I am working on revamping a Word report for the so healthcare industry for patients. At the moment it is very detailed and wordy, but I can condense it a lot by stripping out unneeded commentary and ...
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How to symbolize that this "item" is coming from the source of truth?

For now I've just applied a highlight color but I'd like to convey the idea to my users that this particular item is from the source of truth for that particular tool. Meaning, this Skype story is ...
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Are there certain colors we should use when highlighting selected items in a GUI?

One part of my application allows users to select items in order to manipulate the items, and I want to put a border around the items with a color to show when it's selected. Normally the users ...
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How to compare similiar products and highlight differences and USPs?

As a user I want to compare different product variants and evaluate the one matching best my needs. Most websites using comparison tables to show at a glance every single differenct feature. For me ...
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Need suggestion for data display in page

I am pretty much new to designing layouts for pages. I am looking for suggestions whether my approach is right. Here is the sample layout of my page. Basically ...
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How to indicate that an element is "new" in a list

I was wondering if you had any clever idea of how to show that an element in a list is new. In my case I'm displaying a list of documents and I want the user to see which ones are new since their ...
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Why do browsers use white text on a blue background for highlighted areas?

I just checked in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, on Windows, and all three default to blue background and white text when the user highlights some area, perhaps for a search google for, copy ...
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Do input box highlights improve user experience?

Modern operating systems and web browsers lightly highlight text input fields on mouseover: The highlight is so minimal it's easy to overlook. Other form elements (such as dropdowns) highlight more ...
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How to show or highlight changed content

We are currently designing a web application for internal use. In the attached screenshot you can see a table where the second record is selected. The text right of the table are further fields of ...
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Highlight the selected image in a slideshow - more or less opacity?

I'm working on the Image Gallery of a webshop. There are 6 thumbnail-images, that can be clicked and are displayed in full-size above. How should you show the currently selected thumbnail? Version ...
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Highlighting a property in combobox

I am currently doing an application with a combobox, like this: Obviously the visuals can be better, but leaving that aside: How can I highlight a boolean property of a particular element? A bullet? ...
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Better usability if form inputs have a background highlight?

I'm designing a pretty long form right now and am curious if it attracts the eye more and focuses users on filling out input fields if they're slightly highlighted if there's no values in there yet. ...
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How to highlight the selected option when there are only 2 elements

Let's say there are two button's with icons, for example a typical "Grid View" and "List View" buttons, and I don't want to use bevels to create a "pushed" effect. Let's say I'm doing it in a simple ...
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Are downvotes/dislikes useful if not highlighted?

I was watching a video on youtube and noticed their like/dislike bar. They have had this new design for quite some time now. In the earlier youtube, the dislike bar would be red and distinctly visible....
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Best way to highlight DOM elements given the following situation and requirements?

Situation Very simple. A user is moving a mouse over a web page. Every element the mouse moves over receives a highlight as the mouse touches it, and the highlight is not there when the mouse is not ...
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'Mark as read' on items that can not be 'opened'

Background: In the application I'm working on we have a feature which basically gives you important updates on whats happening in your business. These updates appear as notifications in the header (...
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2 answers

Copy/pasting something that's clickable

I have a use case where an element on the page is the most obvious place to link from the list view to the instance view, but users also sometimes need to copy/paste the element text. Because the ...
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What is the most intuitive way to highlight items which require attention or were updated since last log-in?

We are writing an app that manages workflow processes. Users needs to be able to identify which task have been updated since their last log-in and which tasks require their input. The tasks are ...
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Switching to tab which has error when there's an error

I noticed this issue a few times. An app has a settings page where the settings are split into different tabs in a tab control. I hit update, an error shows up and I scan the current tab for the error-...
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Tracking/displaying changes in documents

Modern office products has a feature to track and highlight changes. Old versions of Miscrosoft Word used two colors (striked-out red for deleted and green for inserted text), while recent version ...
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Is highlighting important words a good idea?

Is it a good idea to highlight the important words in a text on a web page? What impact does it have on the reader? Does it help to understand the text or does it disturb?
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