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Long Table Data [duplicate]

I want to show this long data in more compact way with best experience preferably without scrolling, is there any good idea?
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Admin interface - use of "Please be patient"

In a recent update to one of our Admin interfaces (1 user), we added the following warning at the top, to remind the user that once they press the button, it can take several minutes to complete, and ...
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Should progress bars accurately reflect how close the operation is to completion during long operations?

I'm creating a simple application. There's a certain operation that will take a long time to complete (~15 minutes), and I'm hoping to make a progress bar showing how close the operation is to ...
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Fade right side of the text of a material design like input

I'm trying to improve my UI so the user understands that there is more text than what he sees on the screen. I had a couple of ideas: Fade right side of the input Place 3 dots if the text is longer ...
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Navigation too long, any real case solves this issue?

I'm working in a project where navigation is too long (because the app is rich function and owner doesn't want user to click too much). The issue is there's some items hidden at bottom, my solution is ...
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Handling long text scenarios across multiple interaction patterns

I'm working on an analytics dashboard. Most of the data we get is pulled in from multiple sources/3rd party tools. Also, most of the data is user generated content so we don't have a control on what ...
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Best way to display many yes/no options (checkboxes) and comments

I am migrating a piece of functionality from an old app (for which I only have a screenshot of the UI) to my new app, and this one part I need some advice on. In the current UI there are around 60 ...
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How to make long forms engaging?

In a form I have over 30 fields on a single section of an application these 30+ fields can't be broken up into two parts along with the other sections. Long forms like this are really exhausting to ...
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Truncation vs. Wrapping text when designing for responsive page for multiple devices - which is better?

For a ready only form that is also designed to be responsive, some fields are long and some short. Currently, the default behavior is truncating long fields based on the space constraint. And on hover,...
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Users have problems finding elements [duplicate]

Once again I have to turn to these boards for help :) We are implementing a web based RIA where users need to fill in a form and build a list of Products on it. The list of products is build by ...
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What would be the best way to show a long changelog?

My software has frequent updates. The changelog ontains adequate amount of information about each change (often complete sentences). It's currently more than 100,000 characters long (16,000 words over ...
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2 answers

Long Article - How to improve UX & Readability

We are creating a few very, very long articles (4000 - 6000 words) for our website and I am wondering what I can do to make it easier for readers to navigate it and decide what to read and what to ...
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GUI pattern for presenting long forms

I need to design GUI for an application which is essentially an app which will allow the users to enter and modify parameters of legal contracts. Users must also be able to review all those parameters ...
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Better usability if form inputs have a background highlight?

I'm designing a pretty long form right now and am curious if it attracts the eye more and focuses users on filling out input fields if they're slightly highlighted if there's no values in there yet. ...
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Is a Long mouse click a valid and usable interaction pattern on a PC environment?

In a PC environment I have a virtual keypad interface for phone dialing purposes. I need both a clear character function and a clear field function. Is it OK to append both functions to a single ...
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