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Carousel view vs scroll view

I'm working on a mobile app that allows a user to take a photo, add information about it, and then share it. Would it be better to provide one scrolling view that contains all the information, or ...
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Mobile Onboarding

I'm using a slider as an introduction screen for an onboarding flow in a mobile app. The slider represents content about the onboarding, while as the 'Next' button actually goes to an entire new ...
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How does a slideshow on a webpage affect load times? [closed]

I am designing a website which has a slideshow on its homepage, which automatically rotates through a few pictures. I want these slideshow images to have good resolution without unnecessarily ...
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How to indicate that clicking a photo will open a slideshow?

I have a page which has a hero image. When the user clicks on this image a lightbox opens which contains a slideshow of images. I want to indicate to the user that they can click on the image to ...
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How to indicate the possibility to slide

I have a menu in which the user can slide between different items. Only one item is visible at a time (in green), and the user can slide left and right to display the next or previous item. Sometimes,...
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What is the purpose of slideshow web layouts and how can they be used effectively?

I feel like this should be a duplicate but I couldn't find anything. I am trying to reconcile two conflicting observations regarding slideshow-style web sites, or heavily paginated content (which I ...
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Should a slideshow continue when a popup is shown?

I have a simple slideshow that rotates images for the prices for the site. Should I have this slideshow continue when a popup is shown? My thoughts, a slideshow could be distracting. However, it could ...
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Do we really need a page to indicate that introduction slides are about to begin?

I am designing a mobile app. To make users aware about the app concepts, I am adding few slides (pages with dot indicators at the bottom). These slides will appear when the user opens the app for ...
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How good is using pictures in presentation

I am given an opportunity to present on few things to my fellow colleagues. I thought of using some pics in every page indicating what i'm presenting to them. Does this approach leave a good user ...
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Which are better: image sliders or image grids?

I'm desiging a site for a client that wants to implement and image slideshow on interior detail pages. I'm curious if people still use sliders or if an image grid would be best for UX. Thoughts?
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How to build a web UI to configure (start/stop) a slide-show?

We just launched a (very) new website on which we strive to give to the user a top-notch immersive experience. Feel free to dig deeper on the site to get used with the mood around there. It seems ...
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Highlight the selected image in a slideshow - more or less opacity?

I'm working on the Image Gallery of a webshop. There are 6 thumbnail-images, that can be clicked and are displayed in full-size above. How should you show the currently selected thumbnail? Version ...
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Is it good to present unlimited data in carousel view?

I have unlimited list of contacts. That list will contain my contacts plus shared contacts with me. I want to know: It will be good practice to represent that list in carousel view. Or should i ...
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Does the use of a laser pointer in a presentation provide a good experience for the audience?

Speakers often use a laser pointer to highlight something on their slides. For me as a listener, it is sometimes not easy but even stressful to follow the hectically circling red point. Most of the ...
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Is there an optimal timing for gif animation [closed]

I have a few 500px by 400px .gif files that contain slideshow-like animations to describe how my website works. I set the frames to change between the rate of 500ms and 1000ms. I am wondering what is ...
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Should navigation arrows function very differently depending on context?

This one seems pretty fundamental to me — should the steering wheel ever control the gas? See one of Refinery29's slideshows. The arrows are the navigation: clicking right flips to the next slide and ...
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Are there any benefits to using a slideshow for content

I don't often go to, but when I do, I just really wonder... why are their answers presented in a slideshow format? Here is an example of one such question. What I'd like to know is if ...
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Slideshow gallery vs plain images

I'm working on a CG marketplace and I was wondering what would be the best way to represent the images on the products page: a slideshow gallery or just plain images, one after another. Slideshow ...
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Does interactivity affect training performance?

My office has recently created a bunch of computer based trainings (CBTs). They're basically slides with audio. Some of them automatically advance to the next slide and others require a manual click ...
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What is the correct meaning of "slider"?

I'm confused by the word "slider". It seems to be used interchangeably for two quite different types of UI control. An input allowing selecting of a point on a numeric scale, as in the ...
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Dots or arrows?

Which of the following 2 is more usable: Having dots on the carousel Having back and forward arrows, with some text to indicate the position and number of slides in the carousel The carousel is non-...
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slides usability - auto play or not?

Im talking about the mini-slideshow many websites have on their front pages, where the slides change automatically, but the user can navigate by clicking on small circles below the slide. Problems ...
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How many images should a slideshow carousel rotate automatically?

How many images should be updated or rotated in on a slideshow carousel that features things like products or articles?
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How many photos should be in a slideshow for mobile on page load?

We have a slideshow which displays one photo at a time. The user can click or swipe through back and forth. Right now we're loading in 10 to start, but there is no actual research behind the decision. ...
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Better way to scroll through discrete horizontal list

As a javascript developer, the simplest way to implement sliding is to just put all items in a row and animate by changing a css property. Are there any reasons to do it this way besides the ...
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Best practices for website front page slideshow?

We are r&d on front page slideshow, if you look to the following slideshow there is next and previous and at right corner slideshow numbers, so some one place number on right corner while others ...
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