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The ideal Splash Screen for mobile applications should be animated or static?

The manager asks for animated Splash screen, but I am against it, since the animation can slow down and annoy the user, but what do you think?
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Shoud the user be able to manipulate a list before it is fully populated?

I am facing a problem with a desktop app that, upon startup, should display a large list of items (Patients in a medical record system). Typical uses of that list would be as usual: Scroll up and ...
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Splash screen conundrum [duplicate]

Our users are split into 2 types, people buying our Sport products online and people enquiring about our Industrial products to buy offline. Roughly split 95% Sport and 5% Industry. Up until now, we ...
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After how many second staying on splash screen does a user give up on using the app?

I'm doing a study on apps' splash screen durations. Some of the apps require a long loading time before showing the content. From your experience or study, how long does it take for a user to quit ...
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splash page - put a redirect to home CTA? or rely on the site navigation?

would love to hear people's thoughts on this topic! currently working on a simple splash page for when a product is "unavailable in your country" if a user sees this page, do you think its best to: 1)...
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Best approach for managing country selection in e-commerce shop-front

We are implementing a e-commerce shop-front but we have an design challenge around which currency to show by default and how to get the user to tell us which country (currency) they want to see. The ...
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What is the purpose of the "Press any button to continue" screen in games?

In a lot of games, there are intro movies from the various companies. After that there often is a screen which blocks further loading of game assets and asks to press any button. Then it just ...
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Is it a good idea to play a [mute] video in the splash screen

I am developing a health and fitness app. I am currently showing a video of a lot different people gymming in the splash screen and personally like it there. I was quite surprised that most apps don'...
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Log In / Sign Up on Splash screen?

Is it common to include Login / Sign Up actions on an app's splash screen? Or is it more efficient to first have a Splash screen, and then follow with a dedicated Log In / Sign Up page?
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Website with splash page with user selection

I'm designing a website that has two distinct audiences. My current idea is to have a splash page with a selection stating to which audience the person belongs to, then it would redirect to the ...
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Why "Press Any Button to Continue" screen in beginning of games?

Many games asked user to "Press Any Button to Continue" after splash screens before game menu. Is there any good reasons for asking that?
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When is the most appropriate time to perform a web service check to see whether or not the current version is still supported?

I have an Android mobile application and when it starts up, I need to perform a check to see whether the installed version is still compatible with the my currently active web services. When I run ...
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Website "splash screen" instead of homepage or with it

I'm building a small business webpage - just a few subpages with not much text, based on twitter bootstrap. Lately there's an example of cover which I really like and want to use as a splash screen. I ...
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Why have a splash screen and best practices for native app

I am designing a splash screen for a native mobile app. I am wondering if expect for the brand identity there are any reasons from a UX perspective to include a splash screen in the app and if there ...
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CSS or Image for phone development [closed]

Considering how many screen sizes for Android, I am thinking should I put an image for toolbar or responsive background css image. I am developing a mobile web-site. CSS: Good for multiple screens, ...
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There is an appropriate time standard for the display of a splash screen for mobile apps or not? [duplicate]

Or it's depends on each case? I tested here with 2 second and found it very long. But a coworker told me that 2 second is the default. Is it true?
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Pros/cons of splash-screen with articifial loading delay

My firm has developed a small, domain-specific desktop GUI application. Being small, it loads fast (practically instantly) and initially presents a "home" screen, which in this app, is a kind of ...
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Startup screens: "Show this page at startup" vs. "Don't show this on startup"

I'm currently working on an iOS app where the user is presented with a startup screen until the user disables it. I am insisting that this startup screen should have an already ticked checkbox that ...
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Why did Microsoft put close and minimize buttons on the Office splash screens?

Starting with Office 2010, Microsoft put a minimize and close button on the upper right corner of the splash screens of the various Office apps. But, the splash screen is up for such a short time, ...
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Introduction Screen Acceptable on Mobile?

I am making a calculator app that uses some new ideas for data manipulation. The details aren't important, only that the user needs to be taught new principles. Recently, there has been some talk ...
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Should we use a sound/jingle when users arrive on our site or open our app?

What is your opinion on having a sound jingle when starting the website or the app? Imagine hearing the brand name spelled out or sung out just once (5 seconds). The intention would be: evoking ...
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Software startup screens [closed]

I know there is advice (and very good advice at that) to generally not have startup/welcome screens in software. Our software I think has a legitimate need for one, our free download is served from ...
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17 answers

What are the reasons against using a Splash Screen for a website?

I have a client who insists on having a splash screen on their website and I'm trying to persuade him against it. I'd like a listing of reasons against the use of a flash/silverlight-based splash ...
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Fast-loading splash screen or flashy, progress-based splash screen? [closed]

Related Question Pros/cons of splash-screen with articifial loading delay This is a fairly subjective question, but in my opinion most discussion on UX is at least a little subjective. So basically I ...