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Designing interface to accommodate physical devices with different number & layout of ports

The following device is a network switch. This particular model contains 24 ports, arranged into 2 rows with 12 ports on each. There exists hundreds of models of switches, each with different number &...
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How best to display a network of friends?

Related How to properly show one's friends in a graph if the number of friends is large, but 1) I have max two levels of "depth of friendship" and 2) I want to group friends. I want to show ...
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How to design a volume control, where there is a network delay to the remote device being controlled?

I have a physical device whose volume is being controlled over the network. It could be a local network with about a 0.5s roundtrip delay, or over the internet for a larger delay of a second or more. ...
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Is it standard practice not to include an 'offline' mode for a web application?

There are many discussions around the topic of accessibility, but taking the work accessibility in its pure sense of having access to the system, I am curious as to whether designers simply make the ...
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Is a tag based system a better UX than traditional folder structure?

Background We are a manufacturing company that deal with mainly aerospace, automotive, and assembly type customers. Our users have been using a network folder structure for as long as I have been ...
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How to overlay multiple sets of quantitative data on a network?

The image below shows a biological network where nodes have been colored based on a set of measurements. This works great, but the next step is to overlay up to eight sets simultaneously. This means ...
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