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How do I streamline an expensive non-realtime search?

What I'd like to build is a service that compares prices of rather specific goods. These goods must be looked up on an external website I do not own in a way that is as unobtrusive as possible (for ...
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"Timeout / unknown" status in an asynchronous process execution

So I have a case where we update user data in an external service in an asynchronous way. We have a table with users - each row gets a separate user with a separate request, is handled separately. We ...
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How to globally provide real-time feedback for async operations?

Preface I'm working on designs for a web application where users can create data-processing workflows that get executed asynchronously from the server. Most of the time workflows will run in ...
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Designing interactions and UI for synchronous action with long processing time [duplicate]

I have a synchronous process that is trigger by a user action and the process can take more than 10 minutes. While it's being processed, the previous UI that user triggered from and the previous data ...
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Is it okay to put a minimum delay on UI changes?

I’ve been writing mobile and web applications for a while. I mainly use async tasks, two way data binding etc. I’m updating / changing UI as data arrives from server or internal services. I have a ...
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Synchronizing game with Google Drive [closed]

I build an android game and I am working with google drive to synchronize the progress of the user. Rite now I build a mechanism to sync file to drive. This file may include game progress-information ...
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Why do RPGs show conversations in windows with talking head animation?

Coming from an adventure game background, where conversations usually happen as subtitles or speech balloons, with at most a bunch of answers to click at the bottom of the screen, I've recently ...
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How do we avoid jumping content due to asynchronous loading

Delivering content on the web has over the years become more complex and heavier. Dependencies on third parties and external web services is increasing, causing longer loading times. The “click and ...