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What is the repeated, blurred image background called?

I have a card component with a photo. I don't want any portion of photos to be cut off, but this means narrow/vertical photos will have empty space to the sides. I want to use that blur tiling often ...
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How to discourage uploading image with text

How can I discourage the user from uploading a header image with text in it? It's explicitly mentioned in the preceding description (in red, as displayed below) and in the tips panel to the right, but ...
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How can I convince others that text over background images is a bad idea?

I'm being pressured to build a feature that would make it easy for users to create web pages that feature large text over large images. Like this: I am of the strong opinion that this design pattern ...
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Header img with color overlay or shadow on elements?

I'm working on a web app and this question came to my mind. I tried to look around but found a lot of resources from both approaches. So here I am, trying to figure out a good solution. The web app ...
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Background patterns - do or don't?

Is there any data or research on whether or not background patterns have an impact on the user experience of a website as opposed to using a basic (flat/solid) color like white or a light-grey?
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What is a good representation for a "sticky" area?

I'm prototyping an editor where you can layout HTML pages. Some elements should be sticky, i.e. the user can put elements there that must always be visible in a responsive view also. QUESTION: What ...
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Are Animated Images considered bad UX?

I read that animated gifs are making a come back but when i saw this on a private business website to get attention to a new feature, put me off. Copy of the image :
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Readability of overlaid text on images

Text on images seems to be very popular these days, and it does look nice. However, it can be hard to control the legibility of the text. I have darkened the background, and added text-shadow, and it ...
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Background colour suitable for both black and white text

On my web page I have light blue, white, gray, yellow-color texts on a black textured background. Colors that don't go with a black-color background are not visible. Can anyone suggest me a background ...
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Images behind text

The new fad is to place background images behind text. Best practice guidelines say it's important for the image to be relevant to the content. From a usability point of view, the content is less ...
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Negative Effects on UX from Text on Images [duplicate]

Jakob Nielsen in "Eyetracking Web Usability," recommends against placing text on top of images or textured background in advertisements because only 35% of people will look at it. Is there any other ...
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Text on movie background

I'm struggling how to show logo and text on a background which changes. Live example: It goes form dark to light so choosing black or white ...
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Should I use a single gradient or plain color background for my app?

I have an app with a screen for a list, a screen for a photo preview, a screen with fields for entering data and of course a splash screen. Should I use a single gradient/plain color background for ...
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CSS or Image for phone development [closed]

Considering how many screen sizes for Android, I am thinking should I put an image for toolbar or responsive background css image. I am developing a mobile web-site. CSS: Good for multiple screens, ...
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Size of Background Image for Landing Page

I am using a background image on my home page/landing page that's roughly 112kb and I've noticed my bounce rate being higher. Is this image beyond the threshold of load vs. appearance? The reason ...
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Is it distracting to display fields over a fullscreen image background? [closed]

I was somewhat inspired by the Twitter login page, which has a nice "fullscreen" background picture on the login page. Here is what I did for my webserver: Is using a fullscreen background with ...
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Ideal file size for large backgrounds

Currently I'm developing a widget for a client, which has a step by step wizard style of filling using javascript. However, their widget for desktop would use 2 large backgrounds to fill up the entire ...
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Is there any user experience benefit of having a patterned background in iPhone apps?

In your experience, do users of iPhone apps enjoy using an app with a "cool special background", like the one below, or do patterned backgrounds distract from the overall point of the app? I've seen ...
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UX of background advertising (or other options)

My company's users use a website that features advertising from specific sponsors. The ads are all directly related to the content of the page and the situation in which the user is viewing the page --...
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Should I place an image behind text data?

We are building a site now and are considering adding a "brand" to the data section in the center of the layout with a subtle background image. There is some concern that with different browser ...
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Are dark non neutrals colors suited for page backgrounds or is it more advisable to go for neutral colors like black or dark grey?

I am just finishing up a site for a non profit and we are having a bit of a debate of about what the background color should be I have been trying to emphasise on the need for a neutral color like ...
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What are the best practices for background images?

We are placing a large, non-repeated background image. It's very heavy; takes up almost 60% of the page load time. If you visit MSN or other high profile sites, they are using repeated background ...
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