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How to ask users to confirm an item as True Positive or False Positive

I have an ML system which classifies a series of objects. These objects have a possible status X assigned by the system. This information is displayed on a dashboard table to users. An example output ...
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How best can you display a value which is based on the pattern of other values (not the values themselves)

I have an unusual situation due to some underlying fuzzy logic and machine learning algorithms where I have a priority value of an item, say, low, medium and high. The priority assessment is based on ...
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QA a Chat Bot Relating to UX/CX [closed]

I've been tasked with checking over a chat bot from a UX/CX perspective. This is the first time I've looked a chat bot from this point of view. What can I do a heuristic analysis and UX baseline ...
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Applications of AI/ML in UX

I've been tasked with looking into potential uses of AI/Machine Learning in our UX department. So far I've found AI that learns users behavior from analysing their patterns of use around the site then ...
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Conversational interface more prominent due to improvement in AI or sub-optimal touch/gesture design on mobile devices?

I have been thinking about whether conversational interfaces are becoming more common due to the fact that we haven't really solved the problem of the small viewing area on mobile devices conflicting ...
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