I have an ML system which classifies a series of objects. These objects have a possible status X assigned by the system.

This information is displayed on a dashboard table to users.

An example output is below:

Object Is X?

I need users to confirm whether the classification for each object is correct (True Positive) or not (False Positive), but its not mandatory.

What would be a suitable design solution for this? They should ideally be able to do this confirmation on the table itself.

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If verifications in your system are expected to produce as many false positives as true positives, a three-state selector would be appropriate (like the Holly's Coffee example in another answer):

Unknown (Default state) | Correct | Incorrect

If false positives are an exception and are usually rare, a better pattern would be a flag. Since verifying items is optional, perhaps there is simply a "Mark as invalid" option somewhere in the row actions. Invalid/false positive rows can then be treated differently - red text, moved to another table, different status, etc.


It depends on who the user is and what his tasks are. Is it part of their job or is it mandatory for them to do this?

Is it optional?

I have two suggestions. One would immerse users and create more focus on this task if it is an important task :

enter image description here

The other version would be to add one extra column called "Your Input"

enter image description here

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