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Classification is a general process related to categorization, the process in which ideas and objects are recognized, differentiated, and understood. A classification system is an approach to accomplishing classification.

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"Non-exclusive categorical organization" (of files, database entries, etc.)

Hopefully this question fits here. I had it posted on another stackexchange site and it was deleted for being off topic--but the problem is this doesn't fit neatly into a topic. It lies on the border ...
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UI for multiclass classification taxonomies and search results

I am confused about how to present multiclass classification taxonomies to the end user on a consumer app. If an item or even an entire subcategory can be classified under different parent categories, ...
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How to ask users to confirm an item as True Positive or False Positive

I have an ML system which classifies a series of objects. These objects have a possible status X assigned by the system. This information is displayed on a dashboard table to users. An example output ...
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Are there "art movements" specific to web and UI design?

Nowadays, the UI are becoming more stylized, just like art has been since time immemorial. Is there a classification of art movements that serve specifically to group UI designs? For example, I can ...
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A better name for "Content" in Global Navigation

I'm working on a client's website and I want to categorize Articles, Videos, and Past Newsletters under a classification in the global navigation to save space. I'm between the words "content" and "...
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Allowing users to effectively categorise / classify content

First post here, but long time reader. I've had a look around, but couldn't find anything that exactly answered my question, so I'll jump in... Here's my scenario: Our business has a web app, used ...
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Classify legal content in health services

The health service of a county have content scattered across different environments in different software versions. Users are confused of which application to use for what content and try their best ...
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