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Usefulness of controlling flatness of hierarchy

In a hierarchy, e.g. for inventory management or in an org. chart, does anyone have an example where the user can control the flatness, as in the example below, with feedback confirming the usefulness ...
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Displaying overlapping user data reflecting the status of an inventory in a horizontal stacked bar chart

I have an app in which users can track items. The app will flag when there are issues with items: Warnings (orange UI colour) Low stock Expiring this month Problems (red UI colour) Out of stock ...
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Select a lot of items (checkboxes)

I'm working on a game where users can have a lot of items (50-100k). The items are stored in a database, they are all unique because they have metadata (achieved time etc.). We would like to allow the ...
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Warehouse Management UX : Managing Warehouse Entities in Single Window Interface [closed]

Warehouse Management UX : Managing Warehouse Entities in Single Window Interface. I am designing UI/UX for a warehouse management system. As a warehouse consist of a hierarchy of containers as ...
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Inventory management view [closed]

I am working on an Inventory management application for telephone numbers. Numbers are divided into four product types and have a lot of interlinked information. For e.g. a user can have all four ...
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Replacements or Swapping Items Best Pattern?

I'm trying to find the best experience for replacing or swapping items in a list.. User (Michael) has an inventory list, so when item "A" is no longer available or out of stock, Michael will get the ...
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Survey writing best practices

My team at work is seeking a standard format for all survey questions meant to assess sentiment towards feature X (e.g., satisfaction, challenge level, enjoyability, navigability, etc.). Imagining ...
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Building a order inventory and submitting multiple orders

I am building an e-commerce site (office suppliers with 1000 products). Any organization can register with us and build an inventory. Say an has registered with us and 100 products (pen, ...
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Visual stock level representation

I'm working on production line management software for a small factory that deals with various kinds of stock. Stock generally decreases one-by-one and I want to show these stock levels visually in an ...
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How do you absolutely ensure you've got EVERYTHING in a content inventory?

I've seen suggestions of various tools that crawl sites and generate reports. I've seen people suggest combing server logs, or just simply going through a website page-by-page and link-by-link (...
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Display + Ordering Issues w/ Inventory at Two Warehouses

I am building out an e-commerce site for a screen printing ink manufacturer. They have around 300 SKUs and warehouses in two locations - one on the east coast, one on the west. Generally when ...
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Inventory management screen

Here IMAGE is the settings screen for my application.(desktop). This screen is for categories and product management for a pos system for cafe/bar. I am not a designer not a ux specialist. The gray ...
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OK to omit quantity box in fashion ecommerce stores?

I notice some of the big fashion ecommerce stores have omitted the quantity box on their product details page (still visible on the cart page though), and I was wondering if it's OK for me to do the ...
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What do you include in a site inventory report?

When I doing a redesign of a web site sometimes it's interesting to see what existing content we could reuse to save time and money. Usually I try to write down all the pages in a list and then map ...
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Best tool/program/method for taking a site inventory? [closed]

As an IA, I frequently take a detailed content inventory of a site, capturing basic things such as page titles, URL, and META keywords (to name a few). What programs have people found success with? ...
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Are there any useful tools / techniques for creating website content inventories? [closed]

This is probably wishful thinking but here goes... Now obviously I don't expect some magical app to crawl a website, summarise each page and detail all the assets within each page (if only!) however ...
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