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Using fullscreen to view elements without slowing navigation

First question on this stack exchange. I'm designing a web portal for managing computers in a company. Note: This is only made to be used on desktop at the moment. I am having a hard time finding a ...
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How should my design resize according to the screen size?

I am designing a web based application which should be responsive for width 1366 to 1920 px as it will be only used in this environment. I have designed mock-ups in adobe XD in 1366 screen size how ...
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Web application Design - using full screen width [duplicate]

With today large screen resolution (1920 screen width rules now), I need to decide between using the full width of the screen (liquid) versus fixed with (padding with white margin over 1366px for ...
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Need help designing a full-screen (laptop) notification viewable at a glance from ~5-7 feet away

I have software I'm working on in which a user has to scan a full pallet's-worth of various items of hardware for inventory-taking purposes (think of a wooden pallet in a warehouse laden with stacks ...
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UI controls during full screen reading

Part of the app is to read a longer text, so users have the choice to view it in a full-screen reading mode. Mainly targeted device is smartphone, not tablet. I have two important controls here, ...
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What should be the resolution/dimension of an image shown as an Interstitial (fullscreen) ad on smartphones/tablets? [closed]

I want to show an image as a fullscreen ad. What should be the image's size and pixel density, so that the same image can be used for Android and iOS phones/tablets. I did some research and Google ...
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One screen, three different operations

I hope this question is allowed here but I am now stuck with a UI issue I have no idea how I'm going to handle intuitively. The goal is to have a single screen which is displayed all day long on ...
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Fullscreen Modal Window Usability Issues [closed]

There is a new trend of fullscreen modals used in web applications. Please refer a sample in the below link (Click the green colored "See it in action" button):
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Show to users there's content below

I've been designing a website for one of my clients and I have a cover image on the landing screen. It's basically a 100vh + 100vw image. I wanted to know what is a good way to show the users that ...
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Asking a user to make an iOS app full screen for functionality

When trying to search in Apple's in split screen mode on the iPad or iPad Pro it displays this message: To browse or search for podcasts, make Podcasts full screen. Is there a ...
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How to manage scrolling issues of a full-width embedded google map in a webpage?

We would like to have an embedded map in a webpage. This map will have 100% width of the browser window meaning that there will not be any real estate left for the user to have the mouse out of the ...
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Using full-screen mode for left-side panel on iOS and Android

In Gmail app for iOS and Android, tapping on hamburger menu opens the left-side panel. On iOS, this opens in full-screen mode hiding the status bar but in Android it doesn't. Is there some reason that ...
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The goods of forcing the user to follow a path [duplicate]

Maybe this is not the best place to ask as this seems to me like a question regarding two fields: marketing and user experience. Hopefully some of my questions could be solved from the user ...
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Was it wise of Apple to put the full-screen toggle button where the former maximize button was? [closed]

For those of you who don't know, in OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple (rather quietly) replaced what was formerly a "maximize window" button with a "make window full-screen" button - in previous releases, ...
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Master/Details view for full screen

I am creating desktop app with master/details view situation. In a predefined ratio and size it looks fine. When I resize window to full screen it looks something like this: What would be a good ...
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About fullscreen scrolling webpages

There are recently many websites using full screen scrolling pages since Apple launched their own with the iPhone 5C. (website not available anymore, but a reproduction can be found here) Some other ...
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Is there a logical alternative for the Escape key?

I have a game that can be played in your browser. It's a retro game (multiplayer snake) and the menus and your snake can only be controlled using your keyboard. Mouse input is ignored. I was using ...
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Force full screen for mobile websites?

Is it ok to force full screen for mobile websites to make them seem more like native mobile apps? jQuery: iOS 7.1 minimal-ui:
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Best practice in a fullform page

I've have a page with iss full form. What is the best practice to do this? In the moment title is align to the top menu, with inputs textwith full widht of the page, and selectswith 50% centralized. ...
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Standard margins for full-screen text editor

I would like to present a full-screen text editor. Are there any standard rules for calculating the side and top and bottom margins based on the screen size and possibly font size? I'm particularly ...
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How to decide whether I should make a mobile app full screen (hide the system bar)?

The system bar is the OS information bar on the top. It usually shows time, data and wi-fi signal strength, battery percentage, and etc. I know I should make intense action games full screen, but ...
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Best approach for displaying content across a full screen UI design?

While I've become pretty accustomed to designing within responsive grids I wanted to take a stab at creating a full screen interface. One of the more challenging aspects in doing so is dealing with ...
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What is the preferred way to toggle fullscreen vs fullscreen with panels on iPhone/iPad?

I have a full screen iPad app that deals with graphics. The user has full screen as canvas, with extra controls added along the bottom and right side of the screen. I'm looking for an intuitive way ...
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Removing main menu on large map page

I have a small map on my page, and want to allow the user to look at a larger version of it if a link is clicked. On this new page, the map will essentially be full screen, covering everything except ...
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Ipad/Iphone designing in Full-Screen vs Non-Full-Screen?

I've noticed that most games are in full screen mode and some Apps have taken this on in design. Is there any research or argument for having an App in Full-Screen vs Non-Full-Screen? The only ...
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Should the Print Preview Window Intially Open as Maximized?

I'm redesigning an application and I'd like your feedback on Print Preview. Should this screen initially open as maximized? Should the application remember and apply the last used screen size used? ...
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Can I eliminate volume from my custom html5 video controls?

I'm currently designing a custom full-screen video player for a client, who has provided an Adobe Illustrator high-fidelity interface mock-up. The concept is as minimalist as possible. Their mock-up (...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of full screen mode

I'm trying to understand how viewing a website in full screen mode could impact our browsing experience. Full screen mode has existed for some time for videos (e.g. YouTube) and Flash games. I've also ...
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