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refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a qualified person for a job.

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UX hire candidates that use 'pre-built' portfolio sites?

I'm trying to think how to ask this in a way that isn't just opinion-seeking, and it's valuable to this site. Hopefully this works: When hiring UX designers, what drawbacks should I consider in ...
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What should be the starting salary for a freshly graduated UX Designer? [closed]

I am thinking of offering UX design position to this person who has been working with me as intern for past 6 months. She has completed Master in Human Factors. I like her work and she is a hard ...
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Should I do a redesign as part of hiring process? [closed]

Is it ethical to ask a potential hire to redesign an existing website for the company? For context, I've been sent a static image of a dashboard for a major bank. I've been given no information ...
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UX Interview question [closed]

I've been graced with this questions more than once. I know I'm responding accordingly but I want to throw these out to all of you and get your thoughts. Question 1 Product manager: “Let’s say, the ...
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How do I suggest to our CEO that we need a UX pro on staff?

I work for an inbound marketing agency that is on a pretty rapid growth track. We're doing really well for ourselves. We have great project managers. We have a team of very talented designers and our ...
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Is it worth hiring a UX professional to help with a fundraiser campaign for a 2 year old website?

I am working on a fund-raiser campaign for my website (2 years old). The goal is to promote the premium accounts for the site, and to reach several thousand premium accounts in order to fund highly ...
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What existing materials does a UI designer need for a web design project

I hired a web UI designer for a project. I have professionally-done page wireframes with basic mark-ups ready, and I have clear documentation about the contents and functionalities of every component ...
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Hiring a User Experience Prototyper

Wanted to ask the community what they would look for in a Prototyper that is specialized in prototyping for User Experience. Here's a couple specific things I am trying to gauge (but feel free to ...
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Would hiring a user experience consultant be useful for us?

I am working in a startup and plan to hire a freelance user experience consultant. Since we don't have a background in working with user experience, we feel we need an expert for this since we are ...
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What are the basics a junior UX designer should know to operate with out training? [closed]

I recently went through a long hiring process and it went great. I read and followed the great advice here on how to best present my UX skill set. However, when they made their final decision they ...
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Any websites to hire a UX designer? [closed]

I am a programmer developing a small web app. Are there any good websites from where I can hire a UX designer to design my website? Quick google search gives me this for example: http://www.freelanced....
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What job boards focused on UX professionals have you found candidates through? [closed]

Anyone have a suggestions of Job Boards they have hired UX/IxD candidates through. Looking for sites that are focused on UX, so you can weed out generalist sites like Monster and Craigslist (unless ...
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How do you write a compelling job listing for UX [closed]

I'm looking to hire another person for my team so I've been researching job sites that list open UX/design positions. I thought it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with the language ...
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Hiring Web Designer/Usability Expert - What should I be looking for? [closed]

I work for a small data management/warehousing company that also focuses heavily on web applications. We are looking to "beautify" our existing web apps into something along the lines of or ...
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What's the best way to find candidates for UX Designer? [closed]

Beyond the obvious (posting on LinkedIn, Craigslist), what techniques have you found to be the most successful in finding good UX candidates to hire?
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hiring a web designer: design task

I need to hire a web designer. How do I test his creativity and skills before I hire him. Ideally I'd like to give him a fairly open-ended task i.e. I give him a problem statement and ask him to ...
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Rookie or Experienced Pro [closed]

I am about to start interviewing for an open UX position. I have a resume of a rookie and a pro. Just wondering your experiences. Go with the rookie? or the Pro? A rookie I can mold and don't have ...
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Participant recruitment agencies - recommendations [closed]

Can anyone recommend a good recruitment agency for sourcing participants for UT? I've used Saros, Criteria and Qualtel recently (London / South East England), they've all been OK, but I thought it'd ...
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