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A job is a single project or continuous employment position.

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Online portfolio or Offline portfolios?

I am a working individual who wants to switch over to UX design. I am trying to create a portfolio for my first project, but I am conflicted: I am not sure whether my portfolio should be a web page or ...
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What to show to future employer as portfolio if my previous works are confidential? [closed]

I work on several enterprise level applications at my current job, but I don't have clearance to share any detail about it. Nobody has. Although the applications are available publicly behind pay-wall/...
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How should I work in order to land a good internship or a good job in the big companies? [closed]

I want tips from experts and people working in this field already. I wish to continue my career in UI/UX and would like to know what steps to take in order to land an internship or even a job in a ...
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What is the difference between UX Engineer, UX Designer and Front End Developer? [closed]

I often find these designations as quite confusing and most of the companies in my country have various definition about each of the above mentioned post. I was curious what is the requirement from ...
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It is a good idea to use a cta button on a search bar for an app?

In our company we’re creating an app about apply for jobs. Its main features and functionalities are: search all kind of jobs, list of results, and of course apply among other things. The home page ...
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Why do designers not work remotely?

This is something id like to try in the future. But looking through job openings its not something you commonly see, if at all? Why is this?
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UX Certification/Courses [closed]

I have a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction. Now, I am working as a software developer and I am thinking of switching to working in the UX field. Does anyone know of practical UX courses ...
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Dropping the UX title in a fully mature organisation [closed]

I have not worked in a fully mature organisation (feel free to rate yours using any type of UX maturity model), but I want to know whether the designers and developers are simply called designers and ...
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UX Architecture leverage over development process

How can a new UX Architect (newly created position) apply the best leverage to improve new and existing products across a medium-large organization? This position is in a corporate IT department ...
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I am currently doing BTech and have an average pointer. Is it possible for me to do my Master’s degree in an Top HCI University? [closed]

I am a 3rd yr Btech student from India. Recently I confessed my love for UX and decided to pursue Master's in HCI or related field. But I am currently in an average university and have an average ...
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Creating a template for a brand during an interview? [closed]

I'm pretty deep in the interview, but the interviewer is asking me to create a template that represents their brand. I honestly haven't heard of this before. Is anyone familiar with doing something ...
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Interaction Design Role

I'm getting more and more confused by the different job titles out there … Especially the Interaction Designer is used indifferently I find regarding the visual design aspect. As per my understanding ...
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How to deal with supervisors that have no sense of UX?

i have a problem with my current position. My supervisor wants to micromanage all the things i am doing. Instead of solving a "problem" i am just the monkey that executes his vision. I had several ...
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Is the User Experience Designer job title changing?

I find interest in reading job descriptions, for several reasons. One is to know where the industry is going and validate my own competence within the industry. Do I need to learn new things or is my ...
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Should I switch my major to Computer Science to become a UX designer? [closed]

I'm an Architecture student, but I want to be a UX Designer or researcher, a choice I am quite definite on based on my interests and passions which I've come to learn throughout my years in college ...
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What's the best way to highlight errors in an unconventional form?

Over at UXswitch we created a WYSIWYG form for posting a new UX job. Have a look Our job adverts are like an infographic and they are built on the fly. Problem is, ...
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What does a psychology research graduate need to develop to become ready for a career in UX/HCI? [closed]

If I have a research psychology master and I would like to get a job in UX design or Human Interaction computer how can I do it? Or where I could start?
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A two-page or a single page implementation is better for the experience of the applicant in any application?

The current experience of a user who wants to apply for a job using the platform starts with a page which presents some static content, it is scrollable, and it ends at the bottom with a ...
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I've been offered a position as a Senior UX Designer in a small town [closed]

I've been offered a position as a Senior UX Designer in a small town. Although I have never been titled as a Senior Designer, I have the experience and resume of one (if not higher). I was never ...
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Best practices for performing prototyping tasks in interviews, e.g. whether to explain with notes?

When interviewing UI/UX jobs, some companies would give you design problems for you to work at home and return in prototypes in a couple days. What are the most common tools/medium used? Balsamiq, PDF,...
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UX Bootcamp--worth it or not for a beginner? [closed]

How much use can one get out of a 10-week intensive UX Design bootcamp? (40-hours/week, 2-3 portfolio pieces, resume/job placement help afterwards) With no prior tech experience, can you expect to ...
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What kind of job can I get with a human-centered computing major?

So, I'm at a point in school where I have to start looking for internships. But, I'm not entirely sure what I can do with my major. I am majoring in Informatics with a cognate/specialization in human-...
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What's the role of an internal UX person when an outside agency does the work?

I'm a one-person UX team in a small, non-profit organization. In fact, I'm also the only developer (front end only). Our company's website will be completely re-done by this summer. We're in the ...
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Human Factors grad looking to start a career in UX [duplicate]

A couple of weeks ago, I graduated with an MS in Experimental Psychology (Emphasis in Human Factors and Ergonomics). I've been interested in web design ever since high school, which morphed into an ...
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How to avoid attracting graphic designers in a UX job posting?

Where I work we're trying to fill a few UX job positions within the company. Listing these positions has been difficult. Originally, the positions were listed as "Information Analyst" but we didn't ...
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How to make the jump from Web/Graphic Designer to UX/UI Designer?

I've been on the hunt for a new job and am noticing the large ratio of UI/UX Design jobs vs. regular web design jobs. I really don't have any experience with UI/UX Design (unless you can count ...
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What are appropriate fields for a job board profile? [closed]

I'm not sure if this fits quite into the category of UX, however I'm currently in the process of designing and developing a job board site for a specific industry which also gives employers the ...
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Programmer wanting to go more into front-end and UI development [closed]

I've just come out of an interview that I believe didn't go as well as what I expected it to. And I find my self now somewhat confused as to where I want to go with my career. Besides feeling quite ...
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What position does this describe? [closed]

Your tasks include concept, visual design and the HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript implementation of complex screen interfaces. We are looking for creativity with a keen sense for aesthetics and graphical ...
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How can I get a job in the UX field without any professional experience? [closed]

How do I get an entry level job doing UX if I have no direct professional experience? I am asking is there something I can do on my own to build up a UX portfolio?
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What do you need to know and do when your migrate from a UX practitioner to a UX manager? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are various Senior UX Expert job roles and path forward? What skill sets, discipline, workflow or/and tools you absolutely required at the beginning of your UX manager ...
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What are various Senior UX Expert job roles and path forward? [closed]

As one moves higher in the career ladder, what job roles does a Senior User Experience expert (incl. of specialization in information design, interaction design or similar designation tags) get ...
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What should an ideal Interaction Design Portfolio Include [closed]

I am preparing my Interaction Design portfolio. I would like to as what should my portfolio include. What all deliverables should be included in the portfolio?
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What are the basics a junior UX designer should know to operate with out training? [closed]

I recently went through a long hiring process and it went great. I read and followed the great advice here on how to best present my UX skill set. However, when they made their final decision they ...
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To be a ux designer [closed]

I am currently working as an instructional designer and I am very interested in switching to UX design. I have taken up a few interviews but I have not been able to convince that the two fields ...
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UX designer jobs [closed]

I will be graduating with a master degree in HCI and am interested in taking up ux designer roles in the industry. Most of the job openings require 5+ years of relevant exp and a portfolio to showcase ...
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What to ask when hiring UI Experts? [closed]

I'm creating a desktop (PC) application. A dictionary / thesaurus / spell check tool that works across applications (explorer / browser / spread sheet etc..) I know my own intuition on UI sucks and ...
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Any websites to hire a UX designer? [closed]

I am a programmer developing a small web app. Are there any good websites from where I can hire a UX designer to design my website? Quick google search gives me this for example: http://www.freelanced....
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What job boards focused on UX professionals have you found candidates through? [closed]

Anyone have a suggestions of Job Boards they have hired UX/IxD candidates through. Looking for sites that are focused on UX, so you can weed out generalist sites like Monster and Craigslist (unless ...
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What's the best UEA/Design/Code team setup? [closed]

Due to the discussion I need to rephrase this. (I put the old content as a quote.) My question is about a good setup of people with a strong focus on UX experts. Those could be UX Architects, UX ...
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How do you write a compelling job listing for UX [closed]

I'm looking to hire another person for my team so I've been researching job sites that list open UX/design positions. I thought it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with the language ...
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Hiring Web Designer/Usability Expert - What should I be looking for? [closed]

I work for a small data management/warehousing company that also focuses heavily on web applications. We are looking to "beautify" our existing web apps into something along the lines of or ...
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What's the best way to find candidates for UX Designer? [closed]

Beyond the obvious (posting on LinkedIn, Craigslist), what techniques have you found to be the most successful in finding good UX candidates to hire?
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Facing the Challenges of Working Beyond Job Titles/Descriptions [closed]

As preached by The Elements of UX, Nine Pillars of Successful Web Teams, and Matt; UX Design is needed in all phases of product and service delivery. Job titles and descriptions formally define what ...
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Tips for a brand new UX consultant? [closed]

Next month, I'm fortunate enough to be starting a new job as a UX consultant at an agency. I'm straight out of an university and this is my first UX job, so, I was wondering if you have any tips for ...
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What good mentoring programmes are there? [closed]

For people looking to get into UX, what mentoring programmes are out there? Have you tried any and if so, what were/are they like?
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What 5 things must I do to become a well-rounded, progressive UX Designer in my career? [closed]

I am a fledgling Web Designer, seeking to make myself into a UX / Interaction Designer. I am working on a degree (at my local University, Utah Valley University) in Digital Media (I don't believe they ...
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Usability/UX elevator pitch?

Whenever I try to introduce someone to usability/ux, I always find myself having to explain the following: The definition of usability/ux. The fact that I make web site easier and more pleasant to ...
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Getting into UX as a CS graduate [closed]

I'm graduating from university next summer and I'd like to go into a UX/usability/interaction design job, but my degree is a straight BSc Computer Science. What can I do to convince people that I'm ...
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Participant recruitment agencies - recommendations [closed]

Can anyone recommend a good recruitment agency for sourcing participants for UT? I've used Saros, Criteria and Qualtel recently (London / South East England), they've all been OK, but I thought it'd ...
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