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app, device, or user interface for communicating with hard of hearing person?

Problem: A person who has gradually lost his or her hearing over the years is unable to have a conversation with another person when the environment is too loud: e.g., many conversations are going on, ...
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Keyboard shortcut to activate speech recognition

Is there any kind of standard keyboard shortcut to activate speech recognition in a web application? If not I'd be interested in what people think about adopting "Alt + S"? Or better ideas. This would ...
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What are the options beyond the keyboard, for truly good quality text input?

I am currently typing this through gesture typing. That is how I do essentially all text input these days, but despite years of experience, clearly a keyboard is way better. But the other realities ...
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Support for conversational user interfaces

Reading some of the more recent articles on Medium about conversational user interfaces seems to suggest that this is already an emergent trend that will set the scene for future interface design. ...
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Is speech recognition faster than keyboard for data entry

Are there any serious studies looking at why we still use/need a keyboard if speech recognition technology makers (like Nuance's Better Day and Dragon) claim they do more words per minute?
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Any research on the impact of copywriting speech on sign up buttons?

I keep finding this kind of speech in landing-pages' sign up buttons: Are there any available resources that help me find out why do I actually feel to click this button more than others? Some of ...
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How do people react to voice commands in AI?

I'm looking for documentation on how people react to talking to an artificial intelligence system like, say, Siri (especially now that iOS6 has dictation). How 'comfortable' is it to use voice ...
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Are there any guidelines on the use of speech in interfaces?

I'm thinking about how the gender, talking speed and accent of the speech voice used affects user understanding. (UK market) Examples of speech interface: SatNavs, Automated Telephone Assistance ...
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