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Are there easier names for Ripple Editing?

When editing with timelines (ie, mostly audio/video), there exists a very useful but also very obscure concept of Ripple Editing. The idea being that edits you make (primarily: Cut, Paste, Delete) &...
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What are alternate UI/UX for Knobs?

I'm working on UI/UX which has mainly On knobs. I'm thinking to keep alternative for knobs. What are suitable alternative for knobs (Other than sliders). For example The figure below shows Two knobs ...
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Using auditory feedback with Alexa?

I am working on an Alexa Skill, and we are conducting several interactions that may require some form of feedback while waiting or after a success. I've not really seen any examples of whether or not ...
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When is it necessary to have visual feedback if auditory feedback is primary?

Example: If a product's main feedback is auditory (ie. alarm clock, voice assistant) when is it necessary to give visual feedback (ie. LED indicator, display graphic)?
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2 answers

Does any research exist on what makes one audible document better than another from a user's perspective?

One of my projects for 2018 involves scoping the possibility of reproducing a range of printed/visible work in an audible version. Some of these are actually technical in nature, so this got me to ...
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5 answers

Why is music production software UI so skeuomorphic?

Why are music production and audio processing software so much more skeuomorphic compared to other user interfaces today? Most other computer UIs have shifted toward minimalism and flat design, yet ...
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Which time best represents the true time for an audio file

I have an app that records online radio for a later playback. After programmatic recording, They are 3 sets of times(duration). I don't know which time will present the best user experience. For a ...
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1 answer

Time duration for skip backward and skip forward for audio?

Are there any usability studies or objective data to determine what a good time duration would be for skipping back or skipping forward for users listening to audio on the web? This assumes there ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Why do some automated phone systems use a typing sound effect?

Sometimes when I call a company's customer service phone number, an automated phone system answers. These systems will ask me questions to identify the type of information I am seeking, the type of ...
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2 answers

What are some clear and aesthetic ways to display information about speech signals?

I'm developing software for forensic linguistic research. One of the things that I'll need to do is show if a person is nervous or worried. Or if a sentence is a statement or a question (the ...
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5 answers

Why don't commercial products use Logarithmic Volume Controls?

Would a logarithmic volume control surprise or shock users? The lowest volume settings on a Mac, or on a YouTube video control the volume in a very heavy handed manner, and once you've turned the ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Do audio players on Mobile need volume controls?

I see in almost all audio players, there is the ability to adjust the volume in the audio player. iTunes does this along with other apps like Podcast. My question is, if you can control the volume ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Are there any guidelines on the use of speech in interfaces?

I'm thinking about how the gender, talking speed and accent of the speech voice used affects user understanding. (UK market) Examples of speech interface: SatNavs, Automated Telephone Assistance ...
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Is there ever a good use case for a software rotary knob (dial)?

I love physical dials and knobs, they are great for adjusting something just the right amount without looking at it. They are even great for controlling an absolute value like volume because they stop ...
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