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Non-specificity of voice recognition for voice assistance devices or features

I remember from quite some time ago when Siri was first launched that there was no specific way of getting the voice-triggered assistant to recognize specific voices. These days there are many ...
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Voice Interface prototyping without the need to "click" or "hold" a microphone button [closed]

I want to do prototype a voice interface. Adobe XD would be the perfect fit because you can use specific phrases to trigger elements and also play speech really easy. Unfortunately you need to hold ...
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VUI Interfaces - it is learning, personalized AI?

Good day, In reference to recent experience and check for possible affordances in scope of Voice interfaces in practise, several questions appeared that may define the quality of the service provided ...
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Should Your Chatbot Be Named?

There seems to be a divergence of views on chatbot UX design. On the one hand, some way the best name for your bot is NO name at all (, but others are ...
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Modern approach to turn by turn instructions

We're working on a turn by turn navigation system. Most of our users are parcel delivery drivers. They use the software 6-8 hours a day for navigation. So the driver can easily hear 1000 times a day (...
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Why can't you turn off your iPhone with Siri?

With the help of Siri (voice interface), people can have a call, add tasks, have a search. I give a command for turning off my phone but Siri said that "It is beyond my skills". I tried again and Siri ...
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How do people react to voice commands in AI?

I'm looking for documentation on how people react to talking to an artificial intelligence system like, say, Siri (especially now that iOS6 has dictation). How 'comfortable' is it to use voice ...
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