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How will you manage this step inside a wizard? Hard level: external plugins and valid signatures certificates needed

I'll try to explain myself as best as I can: I need to create a flow for sign documents in bulk. I mean, the user selects in a table a number of documents, and then the user applies the sign to all ...
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Why don't traffic lights include the time until the light goes red or goes green?

Whenever I am driving I try to speed through the light when it is yellow and it is always stressful trying to get through before it becomes red. Street crossing lights have a countdown number that ...
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Numbering teams in a physical competition: is there a point? [closed]

Context One of my "night jobs" is acting as an organizer of the Canadian Robotics Competition for high school students. In short, students build a robot to play a game against other robots, as many ...
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On a warning sign, describe safe actions near pictured danger, or pictured safety?

This thread on Aviation.SE raises an interesting question: what is the advantage in putting the "DO" actions below the hazard zone on the diagram, rather than below the safe zone? For context, this ...
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What perceptual mechanism governs this road indicator design?

In this roundabout design, arrows(?) point against the flow of traffic (traffic flows along on the right side of the road). You can particularly see it in the second image. They indicate that you ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Why print the text of a color name in that color?

The other day I was driving behind a bus and it had a sign on the back that read "This vehicle does not turn on red" and the word "red" was colored red while the other text was black. Is there an ...
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Why AMBULANCE is written as ECNALUBMA on emergency vehicles?

Why is AMBULANCE sometimes mirror written on emergency vehicles ?
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2 answers

Text alignment for display of business opening hours

There's a great question about the input of opening hours but I want to ask specifically about displaying opening hours. What is the most readable text alignment to use for displaying opening hours? ...
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40 votes
17 answers

Traffic lights: why yellow before green?

Traffic lights around the world use the yellow light to warn people that it will soon turn to red, so that people can stop before. This is perfectly understandable. However, I found out that in some ...
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Traffic lights: "yellow" is progress, not state

When thinking about how (real-world) traffic lights work, I wonder if there is a more intuitive way to display the yellow light. The meaning of Green and Red are states: Green: Ok, you can go! Red: ...
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