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Which tone of voice sounds better for a feedback feature?

I'm designing a feedback feature that lets users give feedback on the website. This will be multistep. I'm trying to decide what kind of tone of voice should the buttons follow, as the content in the ...
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Dropdowns & Chevrons for Right to Left languages

Assuming we have use a dropdown with a chevron to indicate that it is in fact a dropdown, does the position of the chevron change depending on the directionality of the language? I.E. does the chevron ...
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Is there any reason the discussion is inverted in e-mail threads?

In all e-mail clients I know, when someone is responding to an e-mail, the response is written at the top, above the original e-mail. I don't understand the reason for this choice. It seems that: ...
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Mixed alignment (LTR and RTL) in language selection list?

Most answers to this question say that for instance Arabic text should be aligned right-to-left even if the rest of the page is in a left-to-right script such as English. So, I was surprised to see ...
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Which side should an LTR translation of RTL text be on?

In this question I'm referring to printed material, but I may follow up with a question about digital content as well. The material is mainly Jewish prayerbooks and Bibles. In existing samples, most ...
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Mixing LTR (left to right) and RTL (right to left) content on the same page

Looking at the image below, let's pretend that we are seeing a series of blog posts on a website. The first post was written in Arabic and the second in English. The user viewing the website primarily ...
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Why AMBULANCE is written as ECNALUBMA on emergency vehicles?

Why is AMBULANCE sometimes mirror written on emergency vehicles ?
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What is the best way to display a queue of items in a large space?

In a desktop web application I am working on, I was considering several designs for an ordered queue of items. My initial design was: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq ...
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Original design choice of back and forward directions?

There are numerous of evidence around us where forward and backward directions are predetermined. As if they are a conscious choice we all know. At least this in true in left-to-right reading ...
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Why would users of an Arabic interface show an F pattern in eye tracking tests?

Why does eye tracking on the Arabic version of my interface show an F-pattern only 50% of the time? I had assumed it would show a reversed F-pattern because Arabic people read right to left.
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