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Questions tagged [research-debt]

Research debt is incurred by conducting research activities in such a way that results in additional effort required to analyze, interpret, validate or manage the research results that can be avoided by better planning and execution.

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Solutions disguised as problem statements

As UX professionals, especially in enterprise settings, we are excluded from the problem exploration and we are given solutions instead. At that point, we start our process from the middle. Depending ...
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Exploratory user research: how to do it and exploit it efficiently?

Really need your advice and thoughts here. I'm working on user / market research for a mobile self-help app which helps users self-diagnose their mental wellness and seek external help if they need. ...
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I've heard of tagging insights, but what do you think of tagging questions?

My team is kicking off a new project and we're still in the discovery phase. We haven't talked to users yet, so we have a lot of questions. I work with learning scientists and research scientists as ...
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How is design debt measured or calculated?

I think designers can probably relate to 'design debt' in the same way that developers relate to 'tech debt', and there are even examples of UX debt which is probably some combination of the cost ...
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Concept of research debt in UX design

It seems like the concept of tech debt is very familiar among developers and programmers but when it comes to research we are still struggling to understand how to avoid a similar problem that arises ...
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