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Career is a course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life).

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How do I show deeper processes in my portfolio?

After working for a number of years as a graphic designer, I moved into a "UI /UX role" about 4 years ago creating interfaces for large format touchscreens at an agency. I’ve attempted to ...
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How do I start populating my portfolio? [closed]

I'm a design student, and extremely interested in Interaction and Experience Design, but I don't have a UX portfolio yet. How should I pick projects up, now? (As in, should I make up a hypothetical ...
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Has anyone out there found examples of solid UX career path definitions with roles?

As most of you probably know, job titles, roles, and responsibilities in the User Experience field are often ambiguous or suspect at best, and a total mess at worst. It doesn't help that most HR ...
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How do I leverage UX methodologies to improve my portfolio?

I would like to improve my portfolio website and my skills as a UX designer. The best way I have thought to approach this is by doing research. I know this topic in one way or another is covered in ...
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Designer II, Designer III, Senior, Lead, and Principal [closed]

My question is just about titles. I have been working at a company that uses fairly traditional titles for designers such as Senior and Lead. I am now talking to a new company that utilizes many ...
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In order to become a UX professional,should you also know how to design?

This may be a stupid question since I don't really know a lot about this field. I am currently involved in product development but I find UX to be a lot more interesting. However I don't know how to ...
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Where do I start with learning user experience? [duplicate]

I found the realm of User Experience one of the more wonderful sides of Software Engineering (and life). Recently, I've installed Google Analytics on our website and I'm trying to study the data it ...
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Jump from print into UX

I worked in magazine design for almost nine years until I got fed up of the deteriorating circumstances of traditional publishing. I took a really good and comprehensive course on UX but now that I am ...
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Breaking into UX from a very weird background? [closed]

So I've just learned about UX/IxD design a few months ago while talking to an alum of my program and have been becoming more interested in it since then. I'm wondering where I go from here to prepare ...
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On the difference beween UX and Product design - does it matter?

I've been in the process of gathering up my clients, my portfolio, and my wits as I consider a move from consulting back to an agency type environment. As a result, for the first time in half a decade,...
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Is it best to be exclusively a UX designer or Do development, products or UI as well?

I was wondering if it's good to be a UX enthusiast and also do other things such as development as noted in this article or is it best to work only on UX design?
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How many UX designers are there, worldwide? [closed]

By "UX designer", I mean those who are practicing one or more of the following as their profession: Information architecture, interaction design, visual design, or user research. I'm just trying to ...
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What are the top skills required for a UX Designer? [closed]

I am studying web design but have decided to go in a UX Design direction. Here are the skills I am working on: HTML CSS User Testing Graphic Design Creating mock-ups in the Adobe Suite HCI What ...
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What is the true defintion of a UX Designer?

I often see job listing with UX Designer/Developer. Sometimes just UX Designer. I want to know following things: What is the true definition of a UX designer? And why it is sometimes both designer ...
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Am I too late to become a user experience designer [duplicate]

I am a 26 years old graphic designer. My way into design industry was a kind of detour. I only did a half-year course for a certificate IV in graphic design after I finished my Bachelor degree in ...
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Is user experience a job position?

What I meant by my question was is user experience a stand alone job position, or is it a technical or artistic position that uses some principles of user experience design? The reason I ask is ...
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Putting together a presentation on UI/UX...suggestions needed [closed]

I'm a technical recruiter looking to learn more about UI/UX so that I can better attract quality candidates, and I'm putting together a presentation for a potential client. They are testing my ...
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