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Where the personalization / customization of specific UI elements/components is occurring in modern applications

Facebook has progressively released the customizable avatars stickers for its users around the world Messenger app (apparently to compete with the Bitmojis), which follows the trend for instant ...
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Is there something like a System Usability Scale (SUS) for customization?

I am wondering if there is a way to measure the customization of a Software product. To be honest I am not really sure how such a measure should look like, but maybe I can find some ideas here.
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Restricting user freedom of customisation

The context: Currently working on the redesign of an employee attendance app that's used by various companies. At the moment the companies that use the app can set their own attendance statuses to ...
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Form with scores and question weights

I have been tasked of designing a form which has X amount of set questions the customer can pick in a back end software. Each question has a point against it (which can be defined) and to complete the ...
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Organizing hidden commands in a customizable tool bar

We got a classic Windows tool bar with command buttons with icons. If you right click the toolbar you can choose Customize toolbar to open a dialog from where you can pick out the buttons to be shown ...
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Setting safe defaults for user interface configuration by client

I am currently a consultant working for a software development company who is building an application for their client. The dev company feels that every aspect of the ui should be customize-able, ...
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How can I make a preference window that is good at tweaking theming settings?

I'm working on a file manager where the user can change text properties, the same way as in programming editors: font-family, font-size, antialiasing, background-color, foreground-color. Currently I ...
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Simplicity vs. Flexibility

You can create a great UI, but it will always piss some users off. The more flexible your UI, the more complex it will seem. So what's the best thing to do? Create a simple UI that's easy to use for ...
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